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New server

Those of you who have been trying to access my website know that it has been down for a few weeks. I am currently working on replacing the hardware for it (I have wanted to upgrade it for a while, and since it is down anyway it seems like a good time to do it).

Baby Andrea can now walk most of the length of a room, and she walks of her own accord now (without us coaxing her). She is still kinda wobbly, but she is carrying things and feeling pretty confidant.

We had a busy weekend. We went to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, had a primary activity, Alison went to the general Relief Society broadcast, and we had one of those sacrament meetings where the primary all get up and sing (Alison had to help the kids as she is in the presidency).

The card game is moving along like usual. It looks like I won't be getting to do any play-testing in the near future, though. Perhaps Ryan will do some for me, though.

I also just read Dark Lord of Derkholm. It was good. I would recomm…


Yesterday baby Andrea stood up by her self and took 8 steps four times. She stood up by herself numerous times, and even walked with objects in her hands. It looks to me like she has figured this walking thing out :).

I have finished the artwork for the cards, (and re-did it all once). They look pretty good (if I do say so myself.) For those who want to see them, they are posted in picasa. I am hoping to get some more playtesting done soon (but can't really trust that I will be able to do it during general conference cause my parents are out of town, and I don't know what people are planning on doing).

Now that the card pictures are completed, I am considering going back to my Mandelbrot set viewer. I will probably begin to code more for it soon.

Also, recently we made apricot granola. (We replaced the honey with apricot jelly so that Andrea could eat it.) It ended up being very tasty.

Sick Andrea

Poor baby Andrea has caught a virus. The doctor says that she is no longer contagious, and should be getting better, but she had a temperature of 103 and has a rash. She slept almost all of Saturday, and was fussier than usual Sunday. Hopefully the worst is over.

Role playing this Saturday went pretty good. they talked to an alien for the first time (in the aftermath of a huge alien attack). The alien's biting friend was returned, and the alien said that he would return later. I didn't plan on having the alien conversation so early, but it seemed like the right time, so it happened.

I have started to work on images for the card game. Here are some small versions of them:

4 steps

Just a short post. Baby Andrea just took four steps for the first time last night. I have attached a video, (which also included her showing off for rusty, and her dancing on the top of the old microwave).