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Not born yet

Alison doesn't remember what happened Monday. They probably went to Forest Kindergarten. We had a Family Home Evening. It was a good day, we're sure, even if we don't remember it.

Tuesday the kids went to Wheeler Farm during the day while Alison went to the midwife. The baby is still doing well; he's changing position instead of staying huddled in the right back corner, so Alison has laid off the crazy exercises with some confidence that when labor begins he'll swing around to the front left like he's supposed to be. The kids loved showing Grandma all their favorite things at Wheeler Farm; it's one of our favorite places to go, so they had lots of them to share.

Tuesday Mike went to the board game design group. He presented his game, and they played it. It went very well. He is really enjoying it.

While Mike was at the board game design group, the kids cleaned up really fast, so they got to watch a movie before going to bed. This is Alison's standard d…

Busy again

This week was still pretty busy. It seems like until this baby is born we won't have a minute's rest.

Monday we had family night. Sara taught us about Moses and the burning bush. She said that we should obey heavenly father, so that was pretty much all you could ask for. Timmy wanted to play chess for the activity, so that was fun as well.

Tuesday Alison had stake auxiliary training, so Mike watched the kids while she went. We cleaned up the house, and then, since we were done early we watched an episode of My Little Ponies (Mike was tired, he hasn't been sleeping well.)

Alison went to the midwife on Tuesday and found out that the baby is facing the wrong way. He's head-down, which is the important thing, but his face is toward her stomach instead of her back, which tends to lead to longer, more painful labor. She's not having that, so she is doing all sorts of crazy exercises to turn the baby around.

Wednesday was Sara's date night, and we watched more my litt…

"We Should Call It 'Blog Post-y,'" said Sara

Monday night we got a new goat named Olive. She is a LaMancha. She is much the same color as Lala was, and only a little bit taller. She is producing about a half a gallon a day, and she is so quiet. We are very happy with her so far. We have started making yogurt again, as well as cheeses.

Tuesday Alison went to the midwife and found out that she is Group B Strep negative. She was positive the last two babies we had and so had to get 4 hours' worth of IV antibiotics while in labor. She is really excited about not having to go to the midwife so early on our new baby's birthday. She has been eating a lot of probiotic foods to try and make sure that would be so.

Tuesday night Mike went to another game design meeting. It was fun, and he played a cool new game.

Wednesday was Rea's date night, and we watched "My Little Ponies: the Movie" (which is the movie with "Nothing can stop the smooze" in it). It was fun, and we had a good time.

Thursday Alison and the…

Out with the old and in with the new

It rained a lot last weekend, so the kids had a great time seeing how the creek changed due to the weather patterns. We all love Forest Kindergarten, even if we don't have anyone joining us right now. Alison is holding off inviting people more because this baby might come at any point (even though he's not due for three and a half weeks).

Thursday we picked more grapes. The kids did a good job of staying on task this time, and they got a lot of grapes in the box. Rea enjoyed climbing up the fence to get the grapes. They have been eating them since.

Mike also found a website to generate planet images. He will use this in creating his games. He is really working hard to try to get them done before December.

On Friday we went to a play: Drac Man vs Superior Man. It was one of the plays at the Off Broadway Theatre Utah. It was in their usual style: silly jokes and a light story. They had a few parts where they totally went off of the script and ended up improvising a whole bunch. …

The long and the short

On Tuesday Mike went to his first Board Game Design Guild meeting. He played a game, and had a fun time. Before he can join officially, he has to attend three meetings. They meet twice monthly, so hopefully he can get in enough meetings before the next Ion Award deadline to gain the benefit from joining it.

Sara's date night this week was delayed to Wednesday because of Mike's meeting. She ended up picking watching My Little Ponies as her date night.

The kids ended up with a lot of movies this week, because on Thursday Alison was feeling rather nauseous in the morning and canceled Forest Kindergarten to let the kids watch a movie while she took a nap. Three movies in one week is unusual for us, but they really enjoyed it. We also came up with the idea of bribing Timmy to stay in bed all night with the offer of a YouTube clip in the morning if he does. It's worked on about 50% of the nights this week. Mike is getting very tired of getting up with him.

While we were home on …