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We just can't get rid of this stuff!

This week there was a lot of sickness in the family. We overcame the sickness of last week, and the mid way through the week Timmy started acting sick again, but by Sunday he was feeling a bit better. Alison also has not been feeling her best, but she is also not really that sad, and with little kids she has kept things together quite well.

Having the kids sick for so long has bred bad habits into them. Once when we were discussing "the screaming problem" that we have been having (people screaming instead of asking for the thing that they want). Alison said "who wants to help us with this screaming problem?" Timmy said "me! me!", and raised his hand before saying "AAAH!"

Additionally, while he was feeling good I was singing the "Go! Go! Go! Joseph!" song to Timmy, and he replied "Go! Go! Go! me!"

On Tuesday the kids and Alison went over to the Poulson's house and helped decorate for Craig's birthday. They had a fun ti…

Harry Potter and the Mushrooms of Wedidntfindemyet

This week Mike went to Fluent (which is a technical conference). Going to a technical conference is both good and bad, because Mike learns a lot, but he also misses his family a lot. It was held in San Fransisco, and was three days long. Mike learned new stuff that should help him be more skillful in his employment. He is happy that he works at a place that pays for such things for their employees.

Since the kids all came down with hand foot and mouth disease the day before Mike was about to leave, Alison took them up to grandma's house so that she wouldn't have to deal with them alone. They spent three days being sick and spoiled rotten. Timmy got held for three days straight while the girls got to eat anything that they wanted to for three days and watch a ton of movies.

We are now in detox mode. There has been much screaming. Also, A digression in potty training on both Timmy and Sara's parts. Their rashes have gotten much better, so perhaps we will be able to go out in…

The top 10 reasons why you should have a hammock instead of a bed

Alison and I came up with the Top 10 reasons why you should have a hammock instead of a bed.

When was the last time that you laundered your bed? That's gross! I heard from a reliable source (a stand up comedian) that there a 10 million dust mites in the average bed. Your bed might be super-average. My kids would invariably (when they were sick) come over to my bed and throw up on it. How do you clean that off? With a hammock you just put it in the washing machine.Your back will thank you. I once got attacked by a car while biking to work. My neck was never the same since then... until we got a hammock. I now only have neck problems when I want them (which is to say when I sleep in a bed.)You love your spouse and want to cuddle with them. A hammock enables (and even enforces) that cuddling. If you don't love your spouse (or cuddling (like that is even possible)) you can get two hammocks - one for yourself and one for your spouse. Just make sure that one of them is big enough so …