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2 for the price of 1

Apparently we forgot to write last week. This post will cover both weeks.

Last week everyone got better from their sicknesses (except Gideon, who was still a little bit sick, but also much better). By now he is pretty much the rest of the way better.

Last week and this week we wrapped Christmas presents. We have a few more to wrap, but we are mostly done.

Mike has been working on the rule books of his games in anticipation of sending them in to the Ion Award again. Hopefully he gets them done in time. If anyone wants to help, feel free to volunteer.

The 3d printer has been broken for a long time, but last Saturday I fixed it, so it is working again.

Alison has begun doing Montessori again (for the past two weeks). They have been doing it pretty much every day, and are enjoying it a lot.

The kids watched a few episodes of My Little Ponies as Sara's date, and then they were all terrified (except Timmy). Sara won't go to the bathroom by herself since then, which is really annoyin…

I still got my belly button

This week was quite an eventful one.

We had various family members throwing up most of the week (cousin Ellie was throwing up at Thanksgiving, so we probably got it there). Gideon did not get the throwing-up sickness, but at his checkup on Monday the midwife said she was worried that his cold might get into his lungs and told us all the signs to watch for in case it did. As a result, one of the parents has been awake for most of each night watching to make sure he can breathe.

When Mike tried to go in to work on Monday his car wouldn't start (it was pretty cold, and his battery was 6 years old, so he thought it was that). Alison and all of the kids took the van and dropped him off with a plan of buying a new battery that evening. When they went to pick him up, the first snowstorm of the winter was starting, so it was a long commute, but we got the new battery and made it home.

Mike installed the battery Tuesday morning, and the car still wouldn't start. He decided to try start…