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Completed Montessori Geometric Shapes

Last Monday we had family night. Sara gave the lesson, and then we went out and hunted for morels. The soil temperature was right, however there hadn't been any rain, so we weren't expecting any mushrooms. We had fun, however we didn't find anything.

Tuesday Mike went to the Layton Board Game Design Guild meeting and presented some games to a guy who works for Mayday Games. Mike doesn't think that any of them have a large chance of success, but it was useful because he learned more about the current direction that Mayday Games is going, so he can tailor a game for their company.

On Thursday Mike had a goal day party for finishing up reading the Book of Mormon with all of the footnotes. He had pasta and pie. The kids were really excited that he had finished his goal, and kept wishing him a "happy goalday!"

On Friday Alison and Mike went to a play. The play had an interesting moral dilemma in the first half, and then during the second half of the play everythin…

Kids sum up the week.

When asked what we did this week, here are the kids answers:

Rea: "This week the we did a lot of leprechaun hunting."

Timmy: "We made a library in our house."

Sara: "Look, there's a leprechaun's head!"

On Monday:

Sara "We slept all day."

Rea: "What Monday? The hyacinths and daffodils bloomed. Mommy Started riding her bucket bike."

Sara: "And there were princess leprechauns. Can you draw a princess leprechaun?"

Rea: "Ok"

Timmy: "we made a library in our house, and it was fun fun fun! Now we have a library in our house if we want to go to the library in our room"

On Tuesday:

Sara: "Tuesday we watched a movie"

Rea: "Don't cover up my leprechaun seat!"

Alison wants to add here that Timmy got sick Sunday and Monday, and on Tuesday Rea and Sara got sick too. They mostly laid around and threw up.

On Wednesday:

Timmy: "We played legos on Wednesday and that was fun."

Rea: &…

On Muffins, Simplicity, and Change

This week Mike made muffins for breakfast every day because they work better than wheat-meal bread. The recipe ended up pretty good by the end of the week.

18 muffins were never enough for a whole day, so he just kept making them and making them...

Saturday morning we helped clean the church, and Alison started doing an "Organized Simplicity" cleaning on the kitchen. We really like this type of cleaning because it makes us look at all of our things and throw out all the stuff that is neither "Beautiful" or "Useful". This turns our smallish house into a reasonably large house every time that we do it.

We ended up with a lot more space in the pantry, and more space in the cupboards too. We haven't yet done through the chest freezer or refrigerator, but that is now on our radar.

On Saturday we also got a "new" wheat grinder. It is one of those old electric mills with a real mill stone. The thing weighs a ton (not literally), but it grinds quick…

SaltCon 2017

Monday through Wednesday we packed for our trip. We also had FHE, and Rea's date night. Our electric grain mill (which was a wedding present) finally broke, so we started making flour in our hand crank wheat grinder. It was a long process, but the bread turned out pretty good (if a bit coarse).

On Wednesday night, Mike mailed out Polynesia to the Cardboard Edison. Of the games that he submitted to it, that was the one which they chose as a finalist. Now it is just a waiting game to see what happens.

On Thursday we went to SaltCon. Mike had a game that was a finalist in the Ion Award, so he had to present it to the judges. The presentation went ok, however it seemed fairly obvious that Mike had not won, as the judges really seemed to like a different game - Palooka Precinct - quite a bit.

The kids checked out a lot of games from the game library. Rea loved Coconuts, Sara liked the huge Jenga tower (made from 2 by 4s), and Timmy liked Dont Rock the Boat, but hated all the game's …