Poison Ivy Attack

Apparently, last Saturday the morel hunters wandered through a patch of poison ivy without realizing it. Rea woke up Monday with an itchy, red, oozing mass on her neck that almost drove her crazy all week. Luckily she is old enough to rub hydrocortizone on it when it itches instead of scratching, and also luckily, it only lasted one week. Daddy, Sara, and Timmy just had localized patches of red bumps, but all three of them still have it hanging on and refusing to heal. Daddy's is the worst now. Mommy and Gideon are glad that they missed it.

Other than the poison ivy attack, the week went fairly well. We played outside almost all day every day, since it was warm-to-hot (in the eighties all week). Saturday we planted some seeds in the backyard and fixed up bikes for the summer.

For Sara's date on Wednesday we got pizza and ate it at Dimple Dell and then looked for more mushrooms. We didn't find any, but we had a lot of fun wandering and exploring new trails.

Mike and the kid…

The start of morels - 2018

Another week has passed.

Alison got a new bike this week. She is trying to figure out how to bike around four kids, and was hoping that having a bike with a higher seat would allow her to attach a trail-a-bike to it, which would mean that she could carry two kids along behind her on her bike.

It doesn't seem like it is going to work, however, and she might end up just hauling the kids in the bike trailer like in previous years.

Wednesday was Rea's date night. She chose to have a fire, read books, and have a dessert. It was fun.

This week Rea and Sara went to theater camp to prepare for a play that they put on on Saturday. It was The ugly duckling. They said their lines clearly, and spoke toward the audience most of the time. They did very well.

At the same time, Alison, Timmy, and Gideon waited outside for them, and got good naps.

Grandpa Mike and Grandma Sheila came over to Utah this week, so we were able to spend some time with them on Friday and Saturday. We watched a movie…

Hamlette, I am your father.

The kids have loved riding their bikes this week, but they've all outgrown their own bikes. We need to buy Rea a bigger one, put training wheels on Rea's for Sara, and move Timmy from the trike to Sara's bike with training wheels. Alison also wants to put a handle on the back of the trike so she can push Gideon. The kids are not too excited about the changes. Sara was OK as long as the doll seat moves to the back of her new bike, but Rea was very upset about losing hers. Alison finally had to tell her that she could only keep her old bike if she bought Sara a new one with her own money. Then she started fighting with Sara about the name of the bike. Rea insisted it keep whatever name Rea gave it, and Sara wanted to transfer her old bike's name to her new one. Finally they agreed that if Rea paid Sara $2, Sara would keep the bike's name. So we hope that's all settled, and this week we'll get Rea her first geared bike and another set of training wheels, and t…

Gotta go thru it

On Monday during the day Mikes new team at work went to an indoor shooting range for a team building activity. Mike shot four guns, and did the best with the handguns. If you are a thief, and within 7.5 yards of Mike, and he has a hand gun, say goodbye to the right half of your neck.

Monday night we went on a hike at the Bell Canyon Granite Trailhead. We hiked up to the reservoir and decided that we were going to go camping there some time. Rea was pretty grouchy the entire way up, but Timmy and Sara and Gideon had a grand time. Once we got there, we saw some ducks, and then we decided to turn back. Rea and Gideon switched places as the grouchy one, and the entire trip back Gideon screamed, and Timmy, Sara and Rea had a fun time.

We have since expanded our plans for a camp out to include actual shopping for a camp stove that is small enough to backpack with. We will probably not carry up our water, so we need filters as well as ways to attach our hammocks to trees. It will probably ha…

Oh Yeah!

On Monday, Mike started his new job. He is now working at DealerTrack - a company that offers services to car dealers. So far he has helped plan for the next iteration, set up his computer, and written a small website using Angular 4 and Firebase.

Dealertrack is only 3 miles from the our house, and Mike found out on Friday that they have a place to charge his car, so he is pretty happy with the new job so far.

On Tuesday Mike went to BGDG, and played an Oregon trail game. It had a cool core mechanic, but too too long, and was too complex and random for what it was. Next week Mike is going to bring his own game, which should hopefully be fun.

On Wednesday, Alison went to writers group, and heard a lecture on creating magic systems. It was a little bit interesting, but the info was very basic. Hopefully the next time that she goes, it s more fun.

Friday we went to the Little Miamaid at the OBT. It was a play about a little mermaid that wanted to marry a human. Eric Jensen played Father …

First you must find... ANOTHER SHRUBBERY!

We never actually finished our blog post last week, so this week is two-for-one. That means that it is double long as well.

Last week was Holy Week, and we have been celebrating in many different ways. Alison always comes up with activities for each day, so this week, on Sunday we played the Triumphal Entry game, On Monday we talked about cleaning the temple and played "Clean Up Your Own Backyard", on Tuesday the kids learned about the origins of the Passover by watching Prince of Egypt, Wednesday we had a Passover meal, Thursday we did service (opening the church nursery for a funeral), Friday we talked about the Stations of the Cross, Saturday we had an egg hunt, and Sunday we celebrated Easter.

Really, Easter should be as big as (if not bigger than) Christmas. We wouldn't celebrate Christmas at all if it weren't for Easter. So Alison goes to a lot of effort to make Easter a big deal.

This year the food turned out the best of any of the years we've done this, so…

God moves in mysterious ways

On Monday Mike went to his new team at work for the first time. He spent 6 hours in meetings, and tried to set up his computer to work on the new stuff. It was boring.

On Tuesday night the toilet clogged up again, and internet research indicated that it was because the main sewer line had a tree root in it. We called a plumber again (a different one), and he came and put a camera down, and said that it was in fact a bunch of tree roots. He offered to clear it out in a semi-permanent way, and did so, flooding our bathroom in the process of testing it out.

He also said that he could permanently fix the problem by coating the inside of our pipes with magical crystal golden epoxy resin, and that it would only cost $15,000, and our goats. This is the cost of both of our cars put together, so we told him no, and went in search of a plumber that used more mundane materials.

The plumber that we found said he would dig a trench in our yard, and install a new line for $5,500, which seemed good …