Sunday night, after putting the kids to bed, we became criminals.

To explain further, Alison and Mike heard a strange mewling noise in the backyard. The noise that we now recognize as the cry of a baby goat! Mike went out and found that Clarabelle was caring for one baby and her other baby was hidden in the shadows crying. He brought the second baby inside and he wrapped it in rags and wiped it clean with warm water while Alison searched the house for a flashlight and batteries. Then he took the baby back out with a light, and Clarabelle saw it and started caring for it too. With the light, he also noticed that Olive had one baby goat by her. All three babies were very cute. We were worried about them staying warm, since the temperature was around freezing that night, so Mike took out some rags for the babies to cuddle in and closed up the shed to keep the heat in. All the babies survived just fine until morning. Hooray!

Monday we played outside and looked at the cute goats, which mostl…

No Ditto

On Monday we built a blanket fort for our family night activity. The kids loved sitting in it. While we did that Mike started reading the Hobbit to the family too.

We have been playing Pokemon Go a lot recently. The kids like to catch the pokemon, and are willing to walk around so that we can play. This week we tried to catch a ditto, but we didn't catch it. We also tried to defeat a raid boss, but we couldn't win because we were not powerful enough. They still enjoy the game a lot.

We also just found a story that we had written down a while back:
Mike stands up, and walks away from his seat to get something. Timmy quickly sits down in his seat.
Mike: I stood up for a minute, and Timmy usurped me
Timmy: I'm gonna surp you again next time
Gideon: Get away Daddy from Timmies surpies!
Sara shoves timmy off the seat
Sara: I de-usurped him
Mike sits down, and timmy jumps on him and yanks his hat off
Timmy: I surped him again by taking his hat

Rea and Sara have a story to tell:

Salt Con

Sunday we had a game day with Caitlin, Sal, and the Fords. We played Secrets, Lords and Ladies, and Spyfall. Lords and Ladies was very fun. The other two were god as well, but the couples teams and disparity of the different parts of the game made for a fun game. We tied for first and lost the tie.

Monday we had family night with ice cream after a huge team clean.

Tuesday we had T-bone steaks for dinner because Alison was feeling like she needed meat.

Wednesday we packed for SaltCon & had Timmy's date night (cookies and a wild Kratts)

Thursday we went to SaltCon. We got a bunch of games in the Math trade, played a bunch of games including Azul (which was Alison's favorite game of the convention), and the kids checked out a bunch of games too. We also swam in the pool.

Friday we had a free "fancy" breakfast at the hotel. We played Root (which was Mike's favorite game of the convention - it was like Redwall as a board game). We went swimming, and then played a bu…

On Laundry and Retirement

On Monday of last week Mike stayed home from work to help all of the sick people. By the time that Monday was over we decided that Mike was going back to work on Tuesday. Sara and Mike were the only family members that avoided the sickness all together.

On Wednesday we opened up the Valentines day package from Grandpa Mike and Grandma Sheila, and the kids all ate the candy. Rea wants it noted that Gideon stole her candy, so she didn't get to eat it and that she didn't get to pick a date night activity either. We also saved the sour patch kids for a movie on friday, so we didn't eat those.

For date night Alison and Mike put on a movie for the kids and then read together. It is a funny thing, but reading together is one of our favorite dates.

Saturday morning we stayed in bed extra long talking about our budget, and our plans for retirement. The kids found it very boring, but we had a fun time. We even talked about going into semi-retirement by our 10th wedding anniversary. …

The Blizzard and the Pukes

On Monday we had a family night activity, which was making fudge. We hadn't made the expected fudge during christmas, so we did it then instead.

Wednesday morning we had an amazing snowstorm. It was about 9 inches of snow, and Mike took three times as long as is usual to get to work. He came back home a bit early, because it started snowing again.

Also on Wednesday Rea made a nocturnal animal museum in the playroom. It had books to read, and Sara ran a snack stand. There was a nocturnal animal petting zoo, and the stuffed animals were on a green mat that was partly folded up. They were arranged in the same order that they came out at night - sundown to midnight to morning. There was also a "drawing nocturnal animal" station with a chair at it.

Wednesday night Timmy threw up in the middle of the night. He was surprisingly self sufficient: he changed into new clothing, and found a new place to sleep. Thursday morning he told Alison, who was surprised. We assumed he had eat…

Brigitta or Liesl

On Monday Mike went to his new office for the first time. It is down near where 1800Contacts used to be, so he is not that excited about the move. They don't have car charging stations set up yet, so he has to drive carefully on mornings where it is cold enough to warrant the heater.

Monday night we watched the Emperors New Groove for family night activity. The kids loved it, and the adults did as well. Kronk was (as always) the favorite.

Wednesday we watched Paw Patrol, and ate popcorn for Timmy's date night. He had a fun time, which is sort of the goal of them.

Mike discovered the SaltCon Math trade had started some time this week, so he has been adding his games to it, and perusing the games for trade. He really enjoys the math trade.

On Friday morning Alison went to get an ultrasound to determine the gender and healthiness of the baby. It is a girl, and healthy. Mike was working from home at the time, so he stayed with the kids, although they didn't end up needing any hel…

Rock Toilet

Tuesday morning when Alison got up, the toilet was clogged. This happens every couple weeks or so, so she grabbed the plunger to fix it, which is usually a 30 second job. As she worked, Gideon walked in and asked, "What are you doing? Are you getting the rock out?" Uh-oh.

All day Tuesday the toilet wouldn't flush by itself, but the plunger could still make it work. When Mike got home, Alison asked him to try and fix it. He worked all evening, but the rock only got more stuck. Finally we decided to just replace the toilet, because it was old and gross anyway. However, at that point we realized that the former homeowner, who messed up all the wiring, also thought he could do plumbing. The toilet was resting on top of an iron pipe with not flange or any connection, in the middle of an 8 inch square hole which was too large for the toilet bolts to go into the floor; they were just dangling into the hole not connected to anything. The only thing holding that toilet up was a r…