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The Alien, the Gun, and Diablo

I have updated Polynesia (my card game's working name). It is now available for all to download online. I am going to be bringing it to the family dinner this weekend, so hopefully everyone will have read the new rules before then (it is just a 4 page read, and a lot of it is the strategy and god description). Here are the links:
RulesCard DescriptionsPrintout. Feel free to share them around - I am fine with anyone seeing everything in them.

Our microwave oven recently died. I don't really know why, but perhaps it is because I bought it at the DI 3+ years ago. We also ate about 10 lbs of cherries in about a week. Perhaps this weekend we will make another cheese. If so, I will report on its progress.

Since my MSV release, I have been mostly reading. I have started 'I shall wear midnight' by Pratchett. It is not really as good as his books usually are. If this had been the first book that I read of his I would likely not have read any more.

I realize that I forgot to …

Beta release

My MSV is now in beta. You can download it here. If you unzip it in Windows 7, it will probably mark all the files as 'from another computer', and will remove lots of functionality. if you right click the zip file, click properties, and then click unblock before you extract it then you will be able to use the data that is in the separate dll files.

The card game is half way through its third printing. Now we have point cards marked, military cards worth points, and a couple of other changes. Perhaps this will be the last major test printing.

With all of the programming I have been doing I have not made any cheeses this month. Perhaps next month I will. I have also read a book in Fred Sabehagen's Berserker series. I was pleasantly surprised. It was pretty good. If all of his books are like this, Perhaps I should pick a few more up.

Andrea has been dancing a lot lately. She puts her hands up and shakes them around and bobs her head. If she is standing up she also does squats…

A tired week

It seems like I have been tired this whole week. Perhaps I've got the lurgy.

I have done a bit more rewriting of the rules for my card game. Now military can also get you points, and perhaps it will not slow down the game so much.

My mandelbrot set viewer is approaching beta. It seems like it will make it this time [crosses fingers].

I am preparing for a RPG play session tomorrow. Hopefuly things move along. Something fun will happen for sure, but until it happens I want to keep it a surprise.

I also have been bothering a scam artist from nigeria recently. I figure that the more time I waste of his the fewer people he can scam. (I write him short one sentence emails asking for more info, and to clarify points, and he writes longer emails explaining things). Also, apparently my new code name is Fredric.

Also, Baby Andrea has not yet exceeded 2 steps before falling down. Apparently walking is hard.

How to get Google Chrome to post a form during the beforeunload event

I wanted to submit a form using jquery when the user tries to leave the page. Unfortunately in chrome it doesn't work to just call submit on the form (although it works in other browsers). I think that chrome is just moving on to fast, and doesn't let the submit finish.

Failing code in chrome:

$(window).bind("beforeunload", function (e) {

This works in chrome, ie, and firefox.

$(window).bind("beforeunload", function (e) {
        type: 'POST',
        url: $('#form-name').attr('action'),
        data: $('#form-name').serialize(),
        async: false

Took me way too long to figure this out.


Baby Andrea took two steps yesterday. Alison was holding her, and she reached out toward me, took two steps, and then I grabbed her cause she had made it to me and was falling over. Perhaps she will be walking soon (she is over her fear of trying apparently).

The card game is printed up, and I have some people who have agreed to come over and test it this weekend. Hopefully there will not have to be any more major changes (or nothing that would require another reprinting at least).

I haven't made any cheese yet this month. I should probably do that some time soon.

The MSV is moving along, however slowly. I need to look up how to use a template selector in WPF. I have not done that in a long time.


My new nephew Logan Aaron Plastow was born yesterday. I am thinking of giving Amy some feta as a congratulatory gesture, as pregnant women are not supposed to eat feta.

My play-testing party on Saturday was not very well attended, but was very successful. I am changing one of the representatives  doubling the size of 'Deck A', adding basic military units to it, and revamping many of the cards. I am going to try to get another group together to do some more play-testing this Saturday. If you read this before then and are interested, send me an email.

I don't really understand why facebook, linkedin, google plus, or any of those sites are necessary... honestly I don't even like them. They send me emails and such about some comment that someone made on someone's picture of something. Perhaps it is because I am introverted? I hesitate to call myself misanthropic, but the inanity of many of the comments made just puts me off.

Recently we made more granola, but this time…

play testing

Wednesday we made a five cheese sausage pizza. three of the cheeses were home made. The feta was especially good on a pizza (which is news to me).
I also learned this week that cream of tartar is in fact those crystals that condense into your home made grape juice (and you strain out and throw away). This leads me to wonder if it would be possible to make home made cream of tartar out of them.
The card game is moving along nicely. I have been making updates and testing it out with Alison fairly often. I have a game night planned this week, but so far only one  couple has agreed to come to it (So it might be quite interesting).
I released another MSV. Now I am down to one thing left to change for sure this time (yeah right). If I do decide it is feature complete it would be a miracle. It does allow for real time updates, julia fractals, and color selection for newton type fractals.
Baby Andrea has learned how to drink from a cup, and is trying to figure out using a fork and spoon. She…