Goat Stud

This upcoming week should be interesting.

I was offered a job by 1800Contacts. It sounds like an interesting position, and the company sounds like a great place to work. I will miss my friends at the ICS, but I think that the move to a new place to work will be a good thing.

Rea recently told me that I would grow up to be a pig. I don't really know what that means.

We set up an appointment to have an internet connection installed in our house when I got laid off to help with the job search, and the guy finally came over to install it on Friday. This means that we might as well have not gotten it installed since I found my job before then. Fortunately it is a month to month contract, so we will just be able to cancel it at the end of the month.

Apparently my new company will be providing me with a smartphone and a phone contract that includes texting.

And thus I am dragged kicking and screaming into the decade of the text enabled smartphone. I will notify everyone pertinent when I get my new number.

We have been reading 101 Dalmatians recently. It was surprisingly good. I expected it to be very similar to the movie, but apparently Walt Disney changed a lot of stuff. One point that comes up repeatedly is the moral wrongness of a dog biting a human (one particularly tough dog encourages Pongo to murder Cruella, which is something that would have never happened in the movie). Missus (Pongo's wife) and Perdita (the puppy's nursemaid dog) are two separate characters originally which were rolled into one in the movie, and Missus is particularly funny (not that she means to be as a character)

I made a discovery this week: almost all dried fruit is cheaper than chocolate. Since this is the case, oatmeal kiwi cookies will soon make their way into our oven.

Since we have the internet, I have been considering shuffling my servers around again. It was nice to have a server at my parent's house, and I found an old computer for cheap at the DI, so I decided that I would like two servers again. This means that I will have a publicly facing website and file server (which hasn't been true for over a year).

I just found out that my uncle Paul just published his first book. Here is a link to it. I have not read it yet, but intend to soon.

This weekend we moved the monkey bars that I made for Alison into Rea's room. Sara is able to hang from them for a long time but Andrea is not as good at it. Sara has always had an exceptional grip.

Also, the math trade is over and I have been notified that I am trading "Galaxy Trucker" for "Small  World", and "Loot" for "Ninja vs Ninja". I have played Small World before, and it supports up to 5 players, so it should be more popular than Galaxy Trucker, but I have never played Ninja vs Ninja (It just sounded good.)

Finally, I think that Lala is in heat. We need to get her a stud.


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