To wrestle with a goat

Andrea has been enjoying the spring immensely.

She loves to spend most of her time outside (she would probably spend almost all of it out there if her mother would let her).

She loves to break into the goat food and feed the goats and chickens. She was digging holes under the fence (not to get through (she knows how to open the door) but to use the dirt as play goat food when we don't let her get any more real goat food) this leaves the chickens enough space to squeeze under the fence and enter into our garden area.

The chickens have been laying a ton of eggs. The black and white one lays one every day and the other two lay eggs on alternating days it seems. Lala has been still producing milk in decent quantities (it is too bad that we have to dry her off when we go to Japan, but I doubt that we will be able to find someone who is willing to milk her that entire time).

Clarabel is still growing it seems. We are looking at getting a stud for her so that she can start producing milk, but she is such a small goat that it would have to be a full blooded Nigerian Dwarf because any other goat would be too big.

Andrea has been dragging the goats around by their collars (they are both bigger than her, so apparently she does it by force of will more than by muscle), and she sometimes gets into wrestling matches with Clarabel (Lala is way too big for Andrea to wrestle). She tried to milk Lala the other day, and when Lala ran away she called her a 'Mangy Goat'. She must have learned that word from the Jungle Book

"Like I told ya, them mangy monkeys carried him off!"

I can't think of anywhere else she could have learned it from.

I have been learning Haskell for fun recently. It is quite a different way of thinking. I am not sure yet if I like it or not, but I am going to continue using it and we will see.

I finally got my server up and running again. Perhaps it will see some activity, but I can't really promise anything.


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