Death Bot

This last week was pretty good.

I feel like I understand most of what we are doing at work right now, and I did some pretty fun coding last week.

I ordered a deck of Polynesia cards from TheGameCrafter. Hopefully they should arrive soon. Either way, I look forward to seeing how they compare with the other places that I have tried printing through.

We opened up the butterkase on Friday. It was a bit of a disappointment The real cheese butterkase is excellent in every way. Our home made butterkase had a good texture, was an excellent melter, and had the same basic flavor as store bought butterkase, but it had a much less complex flavor, and a stronger overall flavor as well. Basically, it seems like we let it age too long, however, it doesn't have as rich a flavor.

I grated some of it and rolled it into a bread which was very popular at our family dinner, and I expect that we will still eat it all, it just wasn't everything that I ever hoped for.

We made another derby (since we have never gone wrong with a derby as of yet), and some ricotta too this weekend. Additionally, Alison made some home made tortillas, and I can finally understand why people go through the effort to make them.

I read a bit of 'The Color of Magic' this weekend. The first time I read it I really liked it, but now that I have read all of Terry Pratchett's other books I can see why Alison likes it less than his others.

I recently wrote a Javascript Mandelbrot Set viewer (which turned out to run pretty darn fast (much better (at least) than I expected)). I really need to get my personal server up and running again so that I can put it up on my website.

Alison and I have been getting the paper recently (something that we do every so often when they offer us a discount on it). Sadly the best thing that I have gotten out of it has been the discovery of Brewster Rockit. It is pretty funny. I like Dr. Mel Practice especially, but the interaction between most of the characters is pretty good. We started reading archived comics, and this has been the funniest one so far.

Finally, we played Small World at the family get together yesterday. It took much longer than I would have expected, but I guess that with so many people it would. Perhaps next time we will play Dominion Dark ages.


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