Sam has done it again. Ra (which is still in ongoing development) is an interesting take on a post industrial magical world, where magic is studied like physics is today, and there is a mysterious group known as 'wheel' which is trying to 'protect' the world from magical artifacts of unknown abilities. I know that I will follow along with it avidly as it progresses toward completion.

This last week I began to study Haskell - a functional language which is pretty different than anything that I have looked at before. I haven't yet written an entire program, but I am enjoying learning the language.

On Friday Alison told me that she posted Rusty to be sold on Ksl classifieds. I  was never really was a dog person, but I was still quite surprised by this. When I got home I told her that she didn't have to sell him if she didn't want to, but she said that she was selling him because she didn't feel that she gave him enough attention (with us having two kids and all). We told andrea that Rusty was probably going to live with another family because he wanted more walks, but she didn't really seem to understand it entirely.

A potential buyer came over on Saturday while Andrea was taking her nap. The lady bought Rusty and when Andrea woke up he was gone. She doesn't seem to remember that Rusty is really gone (she still gives thanks for him in prayers and such).

The chickens have started laying eggs again. Or, more accurately, one of them has started laying. The Americanas seem to still be waiting on something to lay their eggs (or perhaps they are laying them outside).

Sara has been crawling like a pro, and is moving faster than I would have expected. She is also probably teething (or she has been way more fussy than is normal these last few days.)

I also started working on 'Brave Lala', which is a card game for Andrea. I conceived the idea on Friday, Had some prototype card files created on Sunday night, and printed and cut them out yesterday. The game is really simple, but Rea played it with me for over half an hour last night (we just kept playing and playing - every time we finished a game she wanted to play another). The game mirrors the 'Brave Lala' stories that I tell her all the time.

Each player has a hand of 'Hero Animal' cards (containing Lala, Clarabel, and Dot (the chicken)), and you take turns flipping over a 'bush' tile (Andrea is sometimes 'scared' to flip over a tile, but she has her Lala card do it because Lala is brave). After you flip the tile you get to see what animal was hiding in the bush and you have to send the appropriate Hero card to deal with it. Lala deals with mean animals. Clarabel 'deals with' nice animal (by befriending them), and Dots eat bugs. The first time we played it was too easy, but I am modifying the rules to make it harder for the adults.

My new Polynesia cards also arrived. I ordered a box as well as some tokens. They mostly look pretty good, but the color on the box was way too vibrant. There are also some cards that came out with weird colors. (All of the 'blue' cards in the base deck came out purple for some reason. That one was definitely not my fault.)


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    1. Yeah, Rea liked it too. I tried to make it simple enough that she could play it, but not as boring as candy land (which, apart from stepping in gloppy, is pretty boring).


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