That blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream.

This week Andrea asked me for an orange. I asked her "What are you going to give me for an orange?" Her response: "I will give you Sara".

And thus Sara was sold into slavery for a orange.

Alison and the girls (minus the goats and chickens) have been going on bike rides nearly every day in this spring weather. It snowed a bit this weekend, but it still feels like spring. Alison is getting really strong, pulling two girls in a bike trailer up the hill to the library (with a lunch basket too.)

Andrea has been asking me to read her Rosemary Wells books a whole bunch today.

We went to the IFA to look at chicks and ducklings on Saturday. Rea wanted yellow ducklings and red chicks. We won't get any more until after our trip to Japan.

We have been preparing to go to Japan by purchasing accommodations and train tickets and such things. We don't quite have day to day plans yet, but we figure that such things will come eventually.

We are learning some Japanese, but have discovered that my new phone speaks fluent Japanese, so we aren't trying too hard.

Andrea is really excited about the trip, and she asks fairly often when we are going to let her spend "days and days and nights and nights" at grandma's house. Sara will be spending her time with various people (all on the Brown side of the family, though I don't know who she is staying with on any given day.)

I have been getting more and more able to write Haskell code. It has finally clicked this week, and I feel like I understand how the language should be written. I have been writing an arificial neural network in Haskell. My current goal is to teach it to play Tic Tac Toe. It works pretty good so far, but I have not yet completed writing up my training mechanism, so the network can not actually learn anything new (it can just do what it already knows how to do). Here is the code for those who care.

I have been asked at work to prepare a presentation on my findings (because my team lead thinks that they are cool more than that they are applicable to anything that we are working on). I should be giving the presentation by the end of the week. Prepare to hear about it.

Alison doesn't really like high chairs, so she invented a mechanism whereby a infant can be placed in a normal chair and eat at the table like a larger person (it involves clever use of a belt and a phonebook). We will be patenting it shortly.

On the farm front, the chickens laid a dozen eggs this week. Half were green and the other half brown, so the black and white one has been keeping up single wingedly with the two americanas. Lala is in heat again. As we were discussing this, Rea said excitedly "Lala is getting married!"

Finally, some random guy approached me about playtesting Polynesia. That is cool beacuse I have been spending most my free time on other games (brave LaLa and Dancing Robots mostly), and so I have not been trying to find more playtesters. After not working on the game for a few months I feel far more willing to change it. Perhaps this guy will usher a new era of simplicity into the game. I feel like its main problem is that it is too complex at this point.

That is all.

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