A family of mushrooms wanted to be hunted

The work on my Dancing Robots computer game is moving along. Nothing playable by a human yet, but the computer is able to complete a game and follow all of the rules. (They are really stupid, and until yesterday they would cheat horribly).

I think that first I will try to get the game all working correctly and then I will add in the neural networks. The hardest part will be figuring out what training data to use.

We uprooted a few vinca plants from the backyard and have moved them to the front yard. They seem to be taking, so perhaps we will have a bed of vinca there soon.

The mushroom that I found appears to be a scotch bonnet (which would make it quite edible.) Last night Alison found a clump of them in the back yard and I found two rings in the front yard. They are apparently considered a pest if you want your lawn to look good, but if they are edible I am willing to put up with ugly lawn.

I picked about half a dehydrator try full of them and dehydrated them last night. I am going to try eating a few once I have finished identifying them for sure. Apparently they are great.

I am thinking about joining a mushroom hunting club. I think that that would be a fun thing to do.

Alison and I have also been talking about reducing the amount of furniture in our house. If we cut our table down so that you can sit on the floor we could get rid of all of the chairs (like a Japanese kitchen), and we are considering getting rid of the futon as well. The only problem would be in having company over.

We also made another Parmesan over the weekend as well as a batch of ricotta. The ricotta was amazing (The girls just ate it plain and we made a lasagna out of it as well). We have a lot left, and I plan on balling it up and freezing it to make some ravioli at some future time. If these mushrooms are good I will probably also  make mushroom ravioli.

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