Not a turtle

It was a pretty low key week this week.

I playtested with people from my work on Thursday. After the game was over I decided upon a few rules changes and gui changes to make to the game. Once they are done I will try another playtest and probably make more changes.

Earlier this week Rea told me "Daddy, there is more to life than cuddles". I suppose that all of us have been wrong at some time in our lives.

Alison and I caught up on Girl Genius again. (For the uninitiated it is a webcomic that is about "Adventure, Romance, and Mad Science!") It seems to be best to read it in spurts since the story doesn't seem to move along all that fast. It seems possible that Agatha's second love interest is actually dead (which is obviously not true since one of the key plot points is that she has to decide between her two suitors, and that is never going to change).

Perhaps soon we will catch up on Darths and Droids again.

On Saturday we installed ceiling fans in our kitchen and our master bedroom. They provide more illumination (and good amounts of air motion), but we have to paint the ceilings around both of them because the old light fixtures were put in when the ceilings were a different color than they currently are.

The sprinklers tend to come on at 9:30 am and pm, and Andrea got caught in them this morning. She was angry, and I said "but isn't it a little fun to be caught in the sprinklers?" Her response was "No! I'm not a turtle!"

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