the Gunks

Oh man, we started up a blog post last weekend, and somehow never completed it. I am posting this late, because better late than never.

Timmy's arm brace is now off. His thumb is still a little bit tender, but he is taking it manfully.

On Wednesday of last week we went to the library as part of Rea's date night to see Santa. The kids enjoyed it.

On Friday we went to Star Ward Christmas at the Off Broadway Theatre. It was pretty funny. There was this part where a character was dressed up in a small person costume (because he was supposed to be far away from the audience, not because he was supposed to be an actual little person.), and he was trying to move a large rock, which ended up being very funny.

Gideon is talking a lot this week. He mimics quite well, and he is so cute.

We decided to strip the minerals off of our cloth diapers this week. It is an amazingly huge task. It took hours spread over the course of two days. Now that it is done, the diapers are softer, and they will hopefully irritate Gideon less.

The kids have been going to a "7 habits" class. It has been fun for them. They like learning the habits, and are referring to them in our daily basis.

Tuesday of this week Alison and the kids went to a park with a pond. The pond was frozen over and the kids boot-skated on it and had fun.

Tuesday night Mike did more tithing settlements. It is hopefully drawing to a close, but you never can tell.

Also, this week the air has been absolutely horrible. It is one of those inversions. This is one of the main reasons why Alison and I want to move away from Utah. Half the winter has bad air quality.


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