The start of morels - 2018

Another week has passed.

Alison got a new bike this week. She is trying to figure out how to bike around four kids, and was hoping that having a bike with a higher seat would allow her to attach a trail-a-bike to it, which would mean that she could carry two kids along behind her on her bike.

It doesn't seem like it is going to work, however, and she might end up just hauling the kids in the bike trailer like in previous years.

Wednesday was Rea's date night. She chose to have a fire, read books, and have a dessert. It was fun.

This week Rea and Sara went to theater camp to prepare for a play that they put on on Saturday. It was The ugly duckling. They said their lines clearly, and spoke toward the audience most of the time. They did very well.

At the same time, Alison, Timmy, and Gideon waited outside for them, and got good naps.

Grandpa Mike and Grandma Sheila came over to Utah this week, so we were able to spend some time with them on Friday and Saturday. We watched a movie (which was funny, and well enjoyed by the kids and adults alike), and also they attended Rea and Sara's play.

On Saturday, we went to hunt morels in the gully. It was a very successful hunt - we found 48 morels. Sara was the best morel hunter, but Rea also found some morels.

It seems like during the hunt we ran into some poison ivy, because those that were scrambling through the underbrush all have developed a rash. Gideon and Alison stayed out of it, so they are both fine.

Additionally, we (as a family) have contracted another cold. Hopefully this is the last one until next winter.

Finally, we have been trying to figure out some new words that Gideon says. When he sees a picture, it is either (in his vocabulary) a "Jesus Christ amen", or a "baby". We have pointed pictures of Jesus out to him, and he knows that we end prayers with the name of Jesus, so the first title of pictures makes sense. The weird thing is that all pictures seems to fall into these two categories, and it is hard to figure out why.

Theories that we have discussed and discarded are:

  • JCA: pictures of adults, B: pictures of kids
  • JCA: realistic pictures, B: cartoons
  • JCA: people wearing modern clothing, B: other pictures
The problem is that once we make a theory he categorizes a picture such that the theory is broken. Hopefully we figure it out faster than Rea's "Nadna" (If you don't remember, Nadna (once we found out what it was) meant "the other one").


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