Praise me the Lord

On Monday Alison and the kids went to the library and got to use finger paint on some mini horses (they were actually living horses that were rather small.) They had lots of fun, and the horses didn't seem to mind it. At the library, they met the Dalyais, and Marissa got to come over for the afternoon. They played dolls, since both Sara and Marissa got dolls for their birthdays in July. They had lots of fun.

Tuesday was Pioneer Day, but we didn't really celebrate. Alison and the kids went swimming. The kids watched Sara's birthday movie (the Disney version of Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella) while Mike went to Board Game Design Guild in the evening. At his  meeting he played a game by another designer, and had a fun time.

On Wednesday Alison and the kids met the Dalyais at Flat Iron Mesa park. The kids played that they were pioneers crossing the Great Plains, so I guess that was our Pioneer Day celebration. Alison liked talking to Sylvia; they haven't really gotten together since the Dalyais moved.

Gideon is working on learning grammar. For a while he's been in the stage where he calls himself "you," but he's just started figuring out that when Mom or Dad says "you," he should respond with "me." This week Mike was singing a song with the chorus, "Praise ye the Lord," and Gideon sang back, "Praise me the Lord."

On Thursday, our old friends the Nelsons, who moved away three years ago, came back to Utah for a wedding and the kids got to play at our house while their parents were in the temple. We had two 7 year olds, two 6 year olds, two 4 year olds, a 3 year old, and two 1.5 year olds home with Alison. The kids had a blast chasing chickens and playing blocks and Legos, and the Nelsons brought us pizza for dinner as a thank-you. It was good to see them again.

That evening Marissa came over for a lateover: dinner and a movie, although they ended up playing instead of the movie. The kids were so excited. They think lateovers with Marissa are the best thing ever.

Friday night we were invited for a game night by some friends in the ward, the Guertlers. We played Dominion and Spyfall. It was fun and we set up another game night next month, so maybe we'll have a game group going again. That would be great.

In the middle of the night Friday Gideon threw up. He was feverish most of Saturday and either slept or cuddled until after dinner, when he was suddenly all the way better and wanted to go for a walk. We're glad it was short-lived and no one else seems to be sick.

While Alison cuddled Gideon all day Saturday, Mike made tons of salsa. We ended up with almost four gallons of salsa, divided between hot, medium, and mild recipes. It was great. We had some with dinner and it was delicious.

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