The brave and frozen

One day I told Andrea a story about Brave Lala which went something like this:
Once there was a brave goat named Lala who had a goat friend named Clarabel and three chicken friends named Dot and Dot and Dot. Clarabel and Dot and Dot and Dot were scaredy animals but Lala was brave.
One day Lala and Clarabel were eating grass outside, and Dot and Dot and Dot were pecking for bugs when Lala heard a sound:
Clarabel and Dot and Dot and Dot all got scared and hid inside of the goat shed while Lala was brave, and moved toward the door of the goat shed to protect them.
A wolf came into the back yard and tried to eat Clarabel and the chickens, but Lala said:
And charged at the wolf. She hit it with her head and it fell over. Then she said 'Maaa!' again and hit it again.
The wolf died, and rusty ate it. Everyone was happy. The end.
Apparently this is the best story ever, and Andrea asks us to tell Brave Lala stories *all the time*. Seriously it is about 50 times a day.

It got so bad that we had to make a rule about Brave Lala stories during our last family night.

About Lala - we found out that if your animal water is freezing during the cold months you can get a big ice chest and fill it with water, which will stay liquid better since it is insulated. Thought I might pass that on to any suburban livestock farmers out there.


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