Another short post from the terminal

After intense wrangling we are flying to Japan today.

We missed our chance to spend the night in a Mangakissa, but that was mainly for fun. Perhaps next time we go to Japan we will try it out.

We will be getting home at on Tuesday the 23rd, so until then don't expect us to be super responsive to inquiries. I will post updates to Google+ as well.

I got an email about Dancing Robots from a guy who was reviewing the game recently. He made a lot of good observations. I have incorporated a lot of stuff from his comments into the game, but am not yet entirely done. I have removed about half of the symbols from the game, but I am having problems with figuring out what to do with Disco cards (as they have a slightly different set of requirements than other cards). Perhaps on the flight I will finish the modifications and be able to post them when we arrive in Kyoto.


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