Another week

Last week we did a lot of spring cleaning type stuff. We also sold some things on KSL.

Some of you might remember how I got a big screen LCD TV out of the trash two thanksgivings ago and fixed it up. We decided that a big TV was not really our style, and so 'The Saga of the Big Screen TV' has concluded. I sold it for 4x the cost I paid for it (1.50$ for parts + 40$ for the mount was my investment). I am sure that the new owner felt that he got a good deal (and he has as far as I am concerned), but I also got a good deal, and that is what a good sale is about.

I have been working on Dancing robots a lot more recently. It seems like I will be making up another printing in a day or so. Perhaps I will send some copies out to various people for some playtesting. I have also begun to work on a player interface for the computer version of the game.

We went down to Alison's dad's parent's house over the weekend for their 60th wedding anniversary. It was a fun trip (though I never get enough sleep during trips where we sleep in the same room as the girls).

I got in 1.5 games of Dancing robots during the trip - Alison's cousin and her husband played a full game and Alison's brother in laws played a game that ended when one of Alison's sisters told us that we had to leave the game to eat lunch (which was the last thing that we did before leaving for home.)

I didn't get any good feedback from the two games, but that is how play-testing usually is.

Finally, I found out that google can take a series of photos and automatically photoshop the faces for you so that you get at least one photo where everyone is smiling. That is a cool feature, because (although I can do it manually) it can save a lot of hassle. The image over to the right is proof of how well it works.

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