Fish bread

This last week we had a health fair at work. I learned about various healthy things while eating steak sandwiches smothered in caramelized onions and potato chips. I don't quite know what I was supposed to take home from that, but I did end up with lots of swag.

I printed up a new printing of Dancing Robots. We played it a few times at work. People seem to like it (which didn't really happen at this work with Polynesia for whatever reason.)

We also had Scott and Sheila come over this weekend to help me cut down a tree in my back yard (the one that was killed by the utility company for being 'too close' to the power lines). No-one was hurt in the cutting, and we all had a fun time.

Gage and Rea played in the pool as we cut the tree. We also went on a mushroom hunt (and an egg hunt) and ate the things that we found for lunch (mushroom omelettes and biscuits and gravy)
We discussed playing another role playing game (a one shot one), and I brought up the possibility of playing 'Bad Attitudes', which looks pretty fun (as well as being a perfect summer blockbuster.)

Dad invited us over to pick strawberries, and we got a whole bunch of them. Andrea picked a lot, but ate pretty much all of the ones that she picked. We had a whole bunch of strawberries for dessert last night, and Alison made a strawberry pie for me for fathers day today.

Fresh strawberries are heavenly. I keep forgetting that I like strawberries between every time that I eat ones that are just picked.

As I write this, Sara is blowing a penny whistle at me and smirking as if she is a very funny girl.

For fathers day Andrea made me breakfast in bed all by herself. It ended up being a single piece of granola, but she did do it all by herself, so it was very sweet. I mostly enjoyed the fact that Alison did not have to get up out of bed and I still got a breakfast in bed.

After church today we made fish bread. It was mainly whole wheat bread, but we rolled it out flat, cut it with a fish shaped cookie cutter, and spread some oil and ranch dressing on top of it before baking it. It ended up tasting very good (we even considered making cultured buttermilk so that we can make a more healthy version of it in the future).

We made two pounds of feta Saturday, and also two pounds of mozzarella. The feta seems to have come out very well, and the mozzarella is pretty much normal. We poured out the whey for the chickens to drink, but Lala drank most of it before they could drink much.

Andrea was asking for a new story, so I pulled out one of my favorites, "The Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum. She's been asking for another chapter at every nap and bedtime for several days, so we're making a good dent in it. She seems to be enjoying and understanding it; we have to play Dorothy every day. Alison mentioned to her to that there's a movie, so now she's saving up her tokens so that she can watch the movie when we're done reading the book.


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