Leo's Melon Patch

We went to Wicked on Thursday. I had never seen it before (though Alison had seen it back in California). It was pretty good. I liked Fiyero the best, however there were other fun characters as well, and the acting was pretty good all around.

It got me sort of nostalgic for school at the beginning. Perhaps when I retire I will become a school teacher.

We grew our First Red Tomatoes of the year. Rea and Sara ate them yesterday as we were working outside in the back yard. Hopefully Alison will get one some day.

Timothy is now three weeks old. He is huge, and he is easily walking around now. That was a joke. He is, however sleeping very will for a new born. We got 6 hours of sleep two nights in a row.

Alison and the girls went to the park on Wednesday for the first time since Timothy was born. It is good to get outside again. Rea and Sara played with other little girls, and Alison took care of Timothy.

Timothy has been working on choosing a nick name. The current contenders are: Timo, Boyo, Timbo, Timmy, and Tim. Rea's least favorite is Timbo. Sara thinks that Boyo is a joke, and Mommy uses Timmy and Timo.

Sara has been having a really hard time making it to the potty for the last week. We are hoping to find a good way to encourage her.

I have been getting closer and closer to finishing off my Dancing Robots. You can see the current version here.

Alison went to Local Flavors yesterday. It is a great little food store that sells local produce. It reminds me of Leo's Melon Patch (which was a similar store in Troy Michigan, which closed down in the late 90s). It is always fun to see what they have.

Rea was selling bears for one penny today. She made 3 sales, so each of us have a bear.

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