Rag doll vs rag doll

This post is days late. I am going to blame it on our week of little sleep.

Timothy put on 1 lb at his two week appointment.

I have been working on Dancing Robots cards. They are coming along nicely. Perhaps in a week more I will be ready to order an actual printing of them.

Bob - our development lead - has accepted a job at a different place. Additionally Chris - one of my coworkers - broke his leg recently and is out recovering from the surgery that they had to do to fix it. Because of this things have been hectic at work. Hopefully we can get a new team member and get Chris back some time soon so that we can get back to working normally.

If anyone is looking for a software engineering job, contact me. I could give you the posting.

We have tickets to see Wicked today. I have never seen it, so hopefully it is good. It sounds like it is not in any way based on the original book by Baum. This could be good, or it could be bad.

Rea and Sara want me to post that they got rag dolls. they seem to mostly bop each other with them. Rea's dolls head has fallen off from such mistreatment already.

For the Fourth Of July we went camping. We went up with our family to American fork canyon and got a spot in little mills. We had a fun time. Reas favorite part was the last part (she didn't say what that was). Sara's favorite part was when grandpa gave her a pancake.

We also dewormed the goats. This means we haven't been able too drink their milk for the last week.


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