Over steep ways to the stars

This last week we dried more apples. We are getting very good at it. We are almost entirely done. I figure that we have five more batches, so probably we will have finished them all by next week.

After that is done the next goal would be to process all these peppers that we have been given. We intend to make a lot of salsa this year, and with our new food processor it should be much easier than it usually is.

We went down to the cabin over the last weekend. We had a fun time (though sleeping with kids in the room is always rough). we went to Twelfth Night at the Shakespeare Festival as well as the Ninja Japanese Steakhouse. I would recommend both highly.

One of the great parts about the cabin that I didn't get as much of as I would have liked this time was seeing the milky way. When you are out at night in apple valley you can see way more stars than you can see anywhere else.

We played some Avalon (card game), Bubble Bobble, and Rampage (NES games). We also helped weed the yard a little as well as divvied up the things in the cabin that my parents no longer want. We got two nice paintings as well as some housewares.

One painting that we got was a picture of breakers rolling in on a unidentifiable beach as seagulls fly overhead. This painting hung in my parents room as I grew up and I always wanted to find the exact beach that the painting was of. As an adult I realize that the beach doesn't have to be real to have been painted, so I think it unlikely that I will ever find the exact place that the image is of, but it is still a nice picture that has good memories associated with it.

The other painting was a painting of a herd of horses running through some reflective water . It is now hanging in the girls room (replacing three Michael Whelan prints that I got on my mission). Probably the girls will enjoy it much more than the dragons and such that it replaced.

As we were traveling we listened to Interesting Times (by Terry Pratchett). It is a funny book about a "wizzard" named Rincewind who is incapable of actually casting magic, is always getting into trouble, and whose solution to any problem is to run away from it.

I also made a quote rotator website (as part of getting my new server up and running). It is located here for anyone who wants to read a random quote that I found interesting.

Finally, I got my Dancing Robot cards this last week as well, though I have not yet had a chance to play any games with them. Perhaps today will be the day.


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