The work of eternity

This week we dried more apples. We are working on filling up our second 5 gallon bucket of dried apples, but still have a decent amount of space left in it. Hopefully we can get through them some time soon, but until that happens the girls are enjoying immensely taking a single bite out of each individual apple and then grabbing a new one.

We need to figure out how to stop them from doing that.

They have also been enjoying the empty apple boxes.
We finished up building our shoe bench this last weekend. It still needs to be painted and to have the cushion top attached more solidly to the body of the bench, but it is structurally complete.

We also ate Indian food, went to the flower garden at Thanksgiving Point, and made some cheeses (paneer and mozzarella). We got a lot done and had a pretty relaxing time.
On Sunday Alison gave a talk at church and I and taught a lesson.

We had a family dinner at my parents house after church we mostly talked and ate food, though I did talk to Dave about my Dancing Robots cards. I recently ordered a copy of them from DriveThruCards. They have been printed and are apparently on their way to the post office today.

I recently attended my second meeting of the Sandy Board Game Design meetup. It went well. We played two games (Dancing Robots being one of them), and had a good time.

At work we played some Two Rooms and a Boom again. I need to get a copy printed up to bring to the cabin this weekend.


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