Cookie-Like Bars

This last week Sara got sick. It seems that this sickness is working its way around the family. Fortunately the symptoms are pretty mild.

This Thursday the preschoolers went to a Museum in south Jordan called the Gale center. It has a fun house and school like Utah had in the late 1800s, and it's free! We will probably go back in the winter. It was lots of fun.

Timmy started eating solids this week. He is 4 months old, and that is the lowest recommended age. He has been trying to steal our food for weeks now, so we were just holding off for as long as we could. His favorite food so far is refried beans, but he has also liked rice cereal and broccoli. He makes horrible faces every time he eats a tomato.

We were able to go to the temple for the first time since Timmy was born. We had a young woman from our ward babysit for us. It was good to go back.

This Sunday was our primary program. Andrea participated for the first time. We worked very hard so she could memorize her part. Then when the program started she refused to go up to the stand. When Alison asked what she could do to help, Réa said in a small voice, "Can I just have my teacher tell me what to say?" Oops. Maybe memorizing was a little to much. We told her of course, and she did a great job. She sang very well and repeated her part loudly and clearly enough for everyone to understand.

We made some new salsa on Saturday morning with some peppers that we traded for feta with some of our neighbors. The salsa ended up having a really good flavor. I think it was because we added less tomato paste and more peppers of different varieties. We need to trade with those guys every year.

For our 'first dinner' on Sunday we made entirely home made quesadillas. We used our own mozarilla, tortillas, and salsa. Next time we will have to make some sour cream. This was the first time that we have ever made home made tortillas. They ended up pretty good. I would definitely make them again. It took about 40 seconds per tortilla (not counting the original formation of the dough, which took about five minutes). We ended up making 5 quesadillas, and we had one tortilla left over. Next time (when we have home made sour cream) I will report further.

Sunday night Timmy was loudly singing to us. We are not entirely sure why he does it. He is by far the loudest kid that we have had.

We have been experimenting with making various cookie-like bars so that Alison will have something that she is able to grab and eat during her hectic day. My current recipe that I am working with tastes like it has way more sugar than it actually does. It had 2 cups of raisins in it, so that is probably the reason, but it ended up pretty tasty. Once I have finalized the recipe I will post it so that others can try it out.

Sunday morning we helped take the Sacrament to the local Alzheimer's clinic. It was a great experience. Réa was very good at going up and talking to the residents. We hope to be invited to help there again.


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