Not a Gentleman

Firstly: the Saturday after Halloween (the first) is the date we have picked for our annual Halloween RPG. We will be starting at 10:00 AM. Anyone who wants to come is invited. The kids can exchange candy if they want to (The grandparents can come and chat if they want to, or play with the kids). If we get a lot of kids RSVP'd we will hire a babysitter to take them on a walk or something. We will provide chili and cornbread (both recipes are coincidentally GF). Please RSVP if you want to come. The RPG will be vaguely spooky.

This week Alison was in charge of Rea's prieschool. It was a farm theme (apparently our house is very well equipped for that (weird, huh)). The kids loved picking tomatoes and feeding the goats. Rea was very happy with preschool at her house. This coming week is our fall break, so Alison has some more time to prepare things for next week's preschool.

On Wednesday was Rea's fourth Birthday. She got four gifts for whatever reason. One was a chair that she wanted, one was a pottery wheel, another was a purse, and the third was a Winnie the Pooh book on tape. She had chocolate blueberry cupcakes (because she wanted them. Don't ask me) for her dessert. She asked for the Dalyias to come over and play with her (which they did). By the end of the day she had had too much birthday. We were happy to put her to bed.

On Thursday Mom and Dad took the girls to the Aquarium while Alison went to Ikea. They thought that the Aquarium was very fun and they also were happy about going to McDonald's (since we never take them there).

Alison got some play mats for our playroom floor at Ikea. She thought that she had found the perfect shelving unit for our dishes that would allow the kids to put them away and reach them by themselves, but it was two inches too tall. :(

Thursday night I went to a Game Testing Club meeting and Alison went to a Relief Society meeting. The girls were watched by Sheila and Scott. My meeting went very well and we played some fun new games. Alison built a craft until Timmy got fussy. After that she talked with the other ladies.

Friday we watched Max and took it easy.

Saturday in the morning we made Salsa and went to the Home Depot to fix our little red wagon. We also tried to get rid of all sorts of stuff from all over the house. We made Mozzarella and then made quesadillas out of the mozzarella and salsa. In the evening we went over to Sweet Tomatoes with Alison's parents to sort of say good bye to Katie and Josh (who are moving to Iowa) and to celebrate Becky's birthday.

In the evening we started reading the Silmarillion together. We have both read it before, but it has been a while, and it seemed to be a good thing while we wait for the final chapter of Ra to be written.

Rea turns out to really like listening to it (the Silmarillion), but Sara gets really bored. She was hanging from the monkey bars as we read it and really trying hard to not be bored. Rea seems to like Elbereth and the other lady Valar, though Alison expects Luthien to be a hit with her as well.

Sunday morning Sara and Rea climbed into the bed with us and Sara said "Four ladies together!". I told her that I was not a lady, but a gentleman. Her response: "You're not a gentleman!"

Later I got a new home teaching list as well as a new Elder's Quorum president. After church was over we went home and made some Gnocchi (pasta dumplings?) out of goat cheeses, chicken eggs, and wheat flour. they ended up being tasty and super easy. Here is the recipe we mostly used (for those interested.)

Timmy just burped at me. He is still really good at burping, but not good at tummy time. I guess he is probably not a gentleman either.

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