A Sixteen Burrito Fast Sunday

We are starting up NaNoWriMo. Our stories this year are "broken fairytales". So far we are both on track.

Since I have decided that Halloween is a terrible holiday as it is implemented I decided to change the way our family does it. We went to about four houses and let the girls eat all the candy immediately. They currently have one single piece of candy left between the two of them, and the less candy that is in my house the better.  Rea ended up dressing as a Indian fairy princess, and Sara as a penguin.

On Sunday we were invited in to meet with the bishop and released from our callings as ward missionaries/leader. Alison has been called as primary music leader and I have yet to get a new calling. Perhaps I'll join the board game design guild :).

Saturday we had our annual Halloween RPG. We had 8 players, so the party was split a lot. We ended up telling a story about a ski lodge that was attacked by extra dimensional dwarves and dragons who had time magic. Three of us didn't make it out alive.

We went to a play called Dracula vs the Mummy last week. Sara and Rea loved the dancing and were scared of the vampire. The parents liked an improv bit where an audience member provided sound effects in the room of invisible objects.

We made sixteen burritos on Sunday. We rolled out tortillas and boiled then fried beans. They ended up super tasty. I am really happy that we found this tortilla recipe.


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