The Hungry Oni and the Dire Blue

This week we discovered the true meaning of infinite sickness (or endless hopeless bleak despair, either one really). Sara and Rea have been coughing for a long time. Fortunately they don't act too much more sick than is usual. Sara has been a bit fussy, though.

We went to a play on Thursday. It was 'one man and two governors' (or something like that) The play was ok, but honestly the Off Broadway Theatre would have done a much better job at it because they are way better at keeping a straight face when faced with improvisation.

They were stumped by a hummus sandwich.

Saturday we got the first snow of the year, which was a bit surprising, but the girls wanted to play in it anyway.

In response to the snows we have been having fires in our fireplace. It is great to have a fire. Timmy (and everyone else as well) loves watching the fire. He says "I love you! Hello!" to the fire (as well as a lot of things we do not understand.)

He has been babbling a lot lately. It is fun.

During the second night of fires Sara told us after we roasted a marshmallow each that she 'wouldn't mind more marshmallows'. Apparently someone has said that enough that it stuck, cause that is awfully colloquial.

You may recall that we made a blue cheese a few weeks ago. It had grown to a Dire Cheese, and it is now hunting our other cheeses throughout the fridge and eating them. It even cut out a kilt for itself from our brown family tartan blanket and is wearing it.

Honestly though, it is much more blue than I expected it to be. I thought it would take a month or so before the blue spores took root, but they are really fast colonizers apparently. I will post the recipe if I like the end result.

We are both still not more than one day behind on our NaNo novels. That is very encouraging.

Also, we started Christmas shopping. I'm hoping for more cheese making things.

Finally, I am making a National Game Design Month game called Hungry Oni, where you try to convince an ogre not to eat you. It is pretty simple, and only takes 18 cards (1/3 the size of a poker deck), but it is still fairly strategic. Perhaps I will convince people to play it over Thanksgiving break.

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