The short skinny week

This last week we didn't do much to speak of.

We wrote our Christmas website.

We finished a lot of the acorns that we had been working on for forever.

We made fudge, which turned out a little grainy.

Mike did tithing settlements as part of his new calling.

Alison made lovely chili and baked potatoes.

We worked on the rules for Moar Moai since we are prepping it to be submitted to SaltCon's Ion Award (which is a contest where unpublished games are judged and voted on by a panel of publishers. )

Our cheese is moldy.

Alison has been working hard on the kids' physical skills. Timmy can move himself around pretty well now and is likely to start actually getting around the room in the next few weeks. The girls are going for half mile walks most days. We spent a lot of Saturday shortening the monkey bars so that we could move them to a more convenient location, and Andrea can now swing about four rungs on her own. Sara enjoys hanging and swinging.

Perhaps next week will be more interesting.

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