Compounded Sickness

This last week we got better from being sick and then got sick again... sometimes that is life.

We opened the second segment of our brie, and been eating it over toast. It is tasting a bit stronger, but is still not yet very runny.

Over the past few days we have our I have been working on a website which is used to generate cards so that I don't have to manually edit a lot of image files. I think that this will be useful to myself because it will save me a lot of time but it also could potentially be useful to other people who generate cards. I haven't yet hosted it online because it is not yet complete. Perhaps I will host it soon.

Alison and I also played a game of 'Guards! Guards!', which was sort of fun, but which was a bit too random for me and a bit too confrontational for Alison. We might trade it away at the upcoming math trade.

Alison has also been going to a lot of meetings for her new calling. This means that I am watching the kids a lot. Sometimes it turns out fun :).


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