The First Real Snow of Winter!

We asked the kids to dictate some of the blog post:

Timmy loved playing with dad this week.

He also liked playing with a teapot and plates.

Timmy and Sara like the snow that we got.

Timmy liked getting doughnuts from Grandma Sheila

Sara loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa. (Except Grandpa wasn't there.)

Sara liked going sledding and playing with Grandma and Petra.

Gideon, don't touch our buttons!

Gideon loves everything, especially peas. And music.

Rea's favorite thing this week was reading "Pollyanna" for the first time. Also, on Sunday she made tiny snowmen and pretended to be a Tyrannosaurus and ate them! They didn't have noses or eyes or mouths.

Rea was also super excited for her Baptism Preview last Sunday. Rea will be baptized on November 3rd at 10am, for those who like to plan ahead :-).

Mike has completed his second week of teaching CS 101 at BYU-Idaho. He has been having a fun time so far.

He has also bought tickets to Salt Con (and reserved a hotel) so that we can attend it. The cheap price is going to expire soon!

Alison showed the kids a YouTube tour of a Montessori classroom, and they got super excited. So we may be rearranging our stuff into a more traditional Montessori setup again. School is going well even without that, though. Everyone is enjoying playing math with our Cuisenaire rods, and Sara is working hard at reading. Timmy is acing the sound games and ready to start writing with the moveable alphabet as soon as Alison gets it set up. Rea is enjoying the Great Lessons even more the second time through.

For their date this week, Alison and Mike went to "Eric Jensen's Charlie's Aunt" at the Off Broadway Theater. As always, it was hilarious and we really enjoyed it. This version was adapted by Eric Jensen, the manager of the OBT, and he's always played the butler in the past, but this year there was a new butler. He was still very good, although we missed Eric. Any version of the play is funny, but we make sure to see the OBT one every time they put it on. In fact, we went opening night, and we plan to go back next month for the closing weekend. They often make changes over the run of a play, so we're curious to see what happens.

And, finally, after less than one week of the family being healthy, Gideon and Timmy both have colds again. These ones seem pretty mild, so we're hoping for the best.


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