Well done, us!

The girls worked like crazy this week to earn money; they each did over a dozen chores. They had seen the Valentine section in the grocery store and wanted money to buy things. Alison decided to capitalize on their enthusiasm and started another round of Organized Simplicity. She and the kids cleaned out the shed and went through it and organized it. The kids actually helped a lot and earned a bag of candy for their Carnival party this week.

On Thursday (for Carnival) the kids had an Easter egg hunt in the snow at the park. They invited their friends the Dalyais and the Beuses. The big girls found some eggs without candy in them and decided it was a mystery. Their evidence points to the big boys sneaking it. They really enjoyed it, actually. Rea has been reading a lot of Boxcar Children mysteries lately.

Mike also found out that the Perfect Moment (the game that he has a publishing deal for) is going to be published in June of this year! It has been a multi-year goal to get that to happen, so we are all super excited about it.

Gideon was inexplicably fussy on Friday. We think it was maybe an ear infection, although no one seems really sick this week. (Last week's colds were nothing more than a few days of runny noses.) He's also had rashes off and on; we're pretty sure he reacts to peanuts the way Rea reacted to cow's milk. We'll have to start making sunbutter out of sunflower seeds to replace peanut butter; the kids keep leaving their peanut butter bread around and he gets bites and gets sick. No more buying peanut butter for us. Maybe Alison will use this as an excuse to get a Vitamix or a Blendtec. Everyone is very sad about missing peanut butter.

On Saturday Mike met with a publisher about some of his games (nothing came of it, however). At the same time, Alison took the kids to the Treehouse Museum. The kids really loved the tree itself, the dolls, the toy knights in the castle, the chess sets, and the hero section.

We came home from our trip in the evening to find that a guy that we talked to on a homesteading facebook group had delivered a large mound of wood-chips for us. We had requested that he deliver some (we thought that it would be about a cubic yard), but we had no idea that it would end up being this many. We must have gotten 5 or 6 cubic yards of wood chips for free. We had to spend 6 hours unblocking our driveway, but we now can drive in and out again.

We will be spreading them around over the upcoming week. Hopefully it remains warm :).


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