God moves in mysterious ways

On Monday Mike went to his new team at work for the first time. He spent 6 hours in meetings, and tried to set up his computer to work on the new stuff. It was boring.

On Tuesday night the toilet clogged up again, and internet research indicated that it was because the main sewer line had a tree root in it. We called a plumber again (a different one), and he came and put a camera down, and said that it was in fact a bunch of tree roots. He offered to clear it out in a semi-permanent way, and did so, flooding our bathroom in the process of testing it out.

He also said that he could permanently fix the problem by coating the inside of our pipes with magical crystal golden epoxy resin, and that it would only cost $15,000, and our goats. This is the cost of both of our cars put together, so we told him no, and went in search of a plumber that used more mundane materials.

The plumber that we found said he would dig a trench in our yard, and install a new line for $5,500, which seemed good enough, so we scheduled it for next month. He will also put in plumbing for a new bathroom that Alison has wanted for a long time, so that is scheduled too.

On Wednesday and Thursday Mike had a bunch of interviews, and he was offered a job at DealerTrack on Thursday (at the end of the interview). Mike has felt that DealerTrack was where he was supposed to work from day 1 of the job hunt, and Alison also felt like that as well.

That being said, once Mike was offered the job he felt that he was not supposed to accept it. This was confusing. The job was closer to home, had people that Mike knew that he liked, was working in a better technology, allowed Mike to work from home one day a week, let Mike set his own hours, and also was a reasonable pay increase (with an excellent bonus as well).

It didn't make sense, but he waited anyway, praying the whole time to see if he should accept it. He felt like he should accept it at lunch time on Friday. He did accept it then, and is going to be starting on the 9th of April.

Now, unbeknownst to Mike, right before he accepted the job, his head hunter had called DealerTrack, and apparently convinced them to increase their offer, so that Mike would be more likely to accept it. So, when Mike actually accepted it, the offer was for quite a bit more than expected.

God moves in mysterious ways.

The weather was beautiful on Friday (today it is snowing again - which is beautiful in a different way), so we went on a family walk because we were too tired to plan any real date. It was a good walk, and the kids played a lot and had a fun time.

On Saturday we did an Organized Simplicity clean up of the kids room. It took most of the day, and by the time that we were done, we had collected a box of things that we needed to send to the DI, and also a trash can full of things that we needed to throw away.

We moved an extra bookshelf into the room for Rea's chapter books, and moved most of the toys to an outside toy cabinet. Rea comments that the kids found lots of new hiding places. Hopefully the new setup inspires the kids to be cleanly.

We also had take out for dinner to celebrate Mike's new job. It was very festive.

Here's to hoping that this upcoming week is uneventful.


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