SaltCon 2018

We missed a week again... This had better not become a habit.

This week we went to SaltCon. We spent the first half of the week getting ready. Mike finished up with the math trade, and participated in the online flea market. The kids packed so many things. Alison planned meals and packed. Gideon mostly said "Nurse! Nurse! Nurse!" (because he liked to nurse a lot this week, I guess).

When we were at SaltCon, we stayed at a different hotel than last time. This one was the Hilton Hampton Inn. It was way better than the Hilton Garden Inn which is attached to the convention center. The convenience of being attached to the convention center is nice, but the free breakfasts  every day and the free dinner on Thursdays halved the number of meals that we had to plan for.

Additionally the staff was very friendly, and the pool was way less crowded. We also got to hang out in the lobby so that we didn't have to bother our neighbors so much with our loud children.

We played a few cool games that we want to get. Most impressive was Clank!, which is quite a good game. We would recommend it to any connoisseur of fine board games. Mike also really liked Santorini.

We got 20 new (to us) board games, so we will be playing games for quite a while.

Mike also pitched a game not entirely without success at the convention. The publisher expressed interest in helping develop the game, and potentially publishing it in the future.

Since we are polyphasic now, we got to play a bunch of board games together that we would have never been able to play last year. We just spent our midnight time playing grown up games. It was an excellent thing. It's sort of like having a babysitter.

On Saturday before going home, we went to the Mongolian barbecue. The food was plenteous and good. We will probably make that a tradition.


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