Dream Game

I had a dream that I was playing a game where Alison was seriously kicking my butt. It was like playing Othello against her for the first time.

I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down the rules of the game. The brain dump, and my responses to it are below:

Players take turns.


Tiles are laid out in matrix.

I recall that the tiles were rectangular and colored as if they were fields. They are called in my notes "Kingdom Tiles" later on

Level starts out at 0

As I recall, the level was kept track of with a token on a level track, with each level corresponding to a specific resource.

The following are options I enumerated for possible turns

1) destroy opponents Kingdom Tile based on Level current

As I recall, you could only destroy tiles from the outside of the opponents matrix, and you also could only destroy the tile that corresponded to the current Level (so, if the Level track read 3 you could destroy their leftmost (or rightmost if you were to their right) tile in the third row up from the bottom of their matrix)

2) raise level by one and take associated resource

You should be able to lower the level too - or at least there should be some way to lower it in my opinion.

This next part is great. These resources were arranged from highest value to lowest value.

Resources are: Bacon
               Food etc

there were two more resources I am sure. The resources were all color coded. Bacon was pink, Gold was yellow, Food was brown. I believe one of the missing resources was green and one was blue. A guess would be potable water and fields, though salad would fit in since bacon is separate from food.

When the tiles line up in an opposing kingdom then the player gets a benefit

This made a lot of sense at the time. As I recall, each kingdom tile had symbols on it, and if two people had tiles with matching symbols in the outer tile in the same row of their matrix then they would be able to get free resources without raising the level.

You may only destroy an opponent's stuff after you have the attack token - it is handed over each time someone attacks.

This was to keep players from being attacked repeatedly. If someone didn't want to play a warfare based game they would only suffer one attack. The attack token was also a large rollable plastic boulder.

the attack goes at the current level

Reiterated from above.

Apparently there is scoring

One would hope so.

Now, my own recollections now that I am awake. If you lose all of the tiles in one level of your matrix you lose. Having more bacon than the other player is a guaranteed way to win unless you lose by the destruction of a row of your matrix. You can buy bacon for gold, but there are only so many rashers of bacon, so if your opponent buys enough of the bacon the only way you can win is to destroy one of their rows.

In its current state, the game is far from playable, but it does provide some interesting mechanics.

Also, Bacon. Bacon forever.


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