Mohawk Time

Early last week we got some more chickens from an add on KSL. They are mostly larger than our old chickens (except for the americana, who is about the same size.) We ended up with 9 chickens (which is over our legal maximum), so we had to send some to the chopping block.

Slaughtering chickens is not particularly terrible, but removing the guts was pretty gross. Additionally, when they say that you should let the meat age so that it is not tough and hard to eat they are not joking.

At least they were not as terrible as the chickens that we had to eat on my mission (for those who don't remember, my companion had a bright idea which ended with the health department forcing us to eat some chickens on the spot).

The new chickens are surprisingly different from our old ones. for one thing they like to roost. All of our old chickens didn't much care to roost, but the new ones love it. I found them all roosting on the wall to the compost heap the first night that we had them. This weekend we built some garden boxes in the front yard, and also some roosting poles for the chickens to roost on in style.

The problem with their roosting habits is that if they roost above the goats we end up with dirty goats in the morning. We will have to figure that one out eventually.

Saturday we also built a wall of compost around our goat shed (we figure that the compost will provide insulation, and also (by decomposing) heat for the shed). It looks pretty funny, but if it works to keep the shed warm then it is worth it in my eyes.

On Monday Rea and Sara both decided to style their hair with petroleum jelly. It ended up being very hard to remove. (We still haven't entirely gotten it out).

Finally: November is approaching. Expect to hear about my National Game Design Month (NaGaDeMo) entry as I work on it.

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