The Rules of Sleep

Over the weekend Dave got me some artwork for Dancing Robots. It was way more polished than I was originally envisioning, but I am definitely happy with how it ended up. I spent a lot of time working on making a robot with stolen artwork dance around the screen. Andrea and Sara both enjoyed watching me work on that.

I actually have some balance changes to make, and some updating to do to the rules (though I haven't been working on them with all of the other stuff that I have been doing.)

We watched general conference over the weekend. It was very good. I look forward to listening to it repeatedly over the rest of the year. I was fairly surprised with Elder Perry's talk. I think of him as always talking about missionary work, but perhaps that was just me.

While at general conference we played The Resistance quite a few times. The spies never lost a game, but that was likely because we didn't have all the cards (just the base game). I am considering buying the game, but I haven't decided to do it yet. Perhaps I will wait and see if it remains popular for a few family get togethers. 

Everyone said that they enjoyed the game (even my mother, who usually is not into that sort of thing in any way, shape, or form.) The game has enough strategy for the strategically inclined, and is also simple enough that anyone can pick it up with relative ease.

 We learned about the Rules of Sleep this weekend. According to Andrea they are:
1) You lay down
2) You close your eyes
3) You close your mouth
4) You do not talk
5) You just go to sleep
Apparently when Andrea and Max were sleeping over at grandma's house this came up because Max was not wanting to go to bed.

Sara has been giving us things (just random things, like a single slipper, a piece of food, or a crayon) recently and then staring at us expectantly. If we do not take a hint she signs 'Thank You' to us until we say thank you to her for her generosity.

Andrea has also been very insistent on politeness lately. She has been telling us "You didn't say 'Please'" whenever we ask her to do something (and sometimes when we haven't even asked her to do anything).

Alison and I have been reading Agatha H. and the Airship City recently. It is a fun book for both of us (the original comic was written by and illustrated by a married couple, so it ends up being a story that targets both women and men fairly well.) We are nearing the end of it. If we like it, perhaps we will buy the next book in the series some time soon.

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