The 1AM post

It is eleven fifty eight pm and Sara just woke me up. She was laying in the floor of the sleep room crying. I put her back in bed and patted her back. She seemed to be thirsty so I got her some water. Hopefully that is all she will need tonight. (It wasn't... she woke up three more times so far)

We had the primary program today (which Alison was in charge of). It went well. Andrea really wanted to be up there with the big kids. We told her that she would be up there next year.

It is amazing how they grow. Sara has been following Andrea around and doing whatever Andrea does (including dancing during their favorite song during the program today).

This weekend we went to a Halloween party that a ward member put on, Rea wanted to read all of their books, so that is what we mostly did.

I ordered a copy of Puerto Rico, which arrived on Thursday. Alison and I played it that night. It was am interesting game, but if I make my Easter island game that I have been thinking of it will not be too similar to Puerto Rico to be worth having both.

On Friday we watched the off Broadway theatre's "Dracula vs the Wolf Man". It was very funny.

I haven't been programming very much in my spare time this week. I have been reading a book about JavaScript patterns instead. Work has been super fun (we have been working on a program to compare two versions of the virtual try on engine against each other (which ends up being my favorite type of problem to work on))

I have also started considering what components I would need to make to make a one player/multi player rogue-like board game. It would be cooperative if you played it multi player. I think I would make it so that your character would be guaranteed to die eventually, and that you would just see how far you could get before that would happen. Perhaps that will be my NaGaDeMo entry this year (that is if I don't make Easter island my entry)

Finally, I have been planning my Halloween RPG (not that there is as much to plan now that I use rules light systems)

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