Rea and Sara have been on a midnight joke telling rampage. They stay up super late talking and laughing. Eventually Rea complains that Sara is out of her bed, and we have to tell them that they have to be quiet and go to bed. Hopefully this passes.

Rea has also been drawing lots of pictures recently. She usually gets eyes, a head, and any important limbs (though her spiders have way too many legs). She loves drawing owls, bats, spiders, worms, snakes, trees, seeds and eggs.

Rea has also begun to enjoy playing bats. She names us, and then we eat food and hang upside down from the monkey bars. If we are fruit bats the names are things like fruity, eaty, and batty. If we are vampire bats the names tend to be bloody, drinky, and batty (batty being the default bat name).

Grandma Poulson took Rea away to do some shopping with her, and when Rea left Sara forced mommy to walk with her down the street to smell the roses. Sara is learning so many things, especially how to express herself.

Saturday we did the church cleanup. We arrived with our one rake and all bundled up. It was a cold drizzly morning, and before too long the girls had had enough. We kept going for a while by offering them  cocoa when we got back.

Sara got an ear infection, and she came to sleep with us during the evening. She woke up once in the middle of the night, rolled over and found mommy and said: 'oh. cuddles. happy.' and then went back to bed. It was cute.

Over the weekend we read Rea "The Faerie's Return" by Gale Carson Levine, which was funny and a great story for a three year old girl.

My two NaGaDeMon games are progressing. The ecological destruction one (Moar Moai) has been played quite a few times, and the roguelike one (Roguelike) has been played once. Each needs work to make them what I want them to be, but hopefully by the end of the month they are great. More info can be found on my other blog for those who are interested.

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