Moar butter pleez

I just started working on a new game about Easter Island. As I was playing a solo game (testing it out) Andrea asked to join in. I explained to her the general concept (these are your guys, they can get food and cut down trees and dig up rocks. you can only get these fish because they are closer to the island, and these ones are in the deep water.) After my explanation she said:

"This guy will get fish and this guy will make bacon, and this guy will cut down a tree to make a canoe."

I hadn't told her that there were canoes in the game, but apparently that was the reason for cutting down trees in her book. She is very smart. She also knew that killing a pig got you bacon.

We also played a game of chess this weekend. As we were playing I told her that knights could defend 8 squares, and she started trying to set up chains of knights defending each other.

Later during the game I explained to her how pawns advance and promote, and she decided that her pawns were going to grow up to be queens. After that she set up all of the 'adult pieces' in a ring around all of the pawns and said that they were protecting the pawns.

Sara has been learning to tinkle in the potty.  She's gotten pretty good at giving signals that she needs to go (trying to pull off her clothes), and she's learned that if she sits on the potty regularly and produces a little bit, she gets lots of treats, so she's working the system.  But she won't poop in the potty, which is a pain.  She's also been sleeping really poorly.  We think it's been because of teething - it seems to hit her much harder than it ever did Rea - but now she and Rea and Alison all have colds, so that's probably part of the problem to.

Sara plays much more imaginatively than Rea did at this age.  Maybe it's Rea's example.  Today she got a doll, put in in a box, covered it with a piece of paper, and said, "Sleeping!"  Rea is learning to draw toddler stick figures: a big circle for a head with eyes and a mouth, and lines coming out of it for arms and legs.  Today she looked at our Kimochis Cat stuffed animal and drew a picture of it; she did a good job reproducing its big round eyes and exactly three whiskers on each side.

Alison got called into the bishop's office today. I have been petitioning for her to be a ward missionary for a while, and the bishop just told her that she is no longer going to be in the primary presidency and that she is going to be a ward missionary instead. That should be fun.

I briefly mentioned above about my new game. For those who are interested, more info is in my new board game focused blog.

Tomorrow we will drop Lala and Clarabel off at the goat stud. We hoped to do it on Saturday, but the owner was apparently busy.

On Thursday Rea came up to Alison and asked, "Do grownups ever play?"  We had our annual Halloween role-playing game scheduled for the next day, so Alison told her she could see how grownups play then.  She liked that we all seemed to have a lot of fun and laughed, but she couldn't quite understand what was so great about it.  We played InSpectres Unspeakables, which is basically based on Lovecraft's books.,  It ended up pretty fun for us, although I might decide to limit the amount of sub plots that can be going on in any game (there were three major goals the whole game, and we ended up having characters trying to punch, poison, and cast spells on each other quite a bit.)  It works better when the whole group is on the same team.  In the end two people went insane and one person was eaten by a dark god.  Very Lovecraftian.

Andrea and Sara have taken up wrestling as a game. They chase each other around and grab each other. They roll around on the ground and tickle and zerbert each other. They both love it. It is pretty funny to see.

We finally got Sara moved into her big-girl carseat.  We were hoping that it would reduce the amount of fussing she does in the car, but it didn't work.  That's too bad.  It's a nice carseat, though.  Stores around here don't sell the intro-level Britax (the brand Alison likes) anymore, so we got a very expensive one.  It's very fancy.

Sara also had her 15 month check-up, and she's still falling off the growth chart for weight.  She's down to the second percentile, and the doctor is actually getting a little concerned.  So we have to force her to eat more fat.  The doctor suggested healthy fats (eggs and peanut butter), but she already gets a lot of those and it doesn't seem to be helping.  When I had to take Rea to a different doctor once and she suggested more fat for Rea (our regular doctor never would have), Rea started eating straight butter.  Unfortunately, Sara doesn't like that.
We'll see what else we can do.

Just so that people are not worried about her, she still looks like a normal person (she is just apparently not fat enough.)

Oh, also there was Halloween.

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