This past week mostly consisted of preparing for Christmas and working on my Dancing Robots game.

I have been fooling around with card art and working on the AI for the web version of the game at the same time. This ends up being more distracting than useful since I really like to just work on one thing at a time, so I always forget to actually work on both.

The image to the right is a mock up of what an actual card could look like. The art for the actual claw was provided by Dave. I just composed the piece, put in the backgrounds, and provided the relevant game texts.

The AI changes mostly consist of trying to keep the AI from dancing dances that could never actually work in practice (the AI has a really good ability to build a robot that could theoretically dance a set of moves, but in practice is unable to (such as dancing a set of moves that all require the same piece of equipment (which happens to be a one time use item.)))

On Saturday Andrea helped us to clean up the entire house and earned enough money to buy everyone in the family Christmas gifts. She ended up buying Alison a book, Me some beads (I use little trinkets when I make games, so this is not as weird as it sounds), and Sara a panda bear stuffed animal.

We paid her 28 cents for each room that she cleaned, and her gifts cost $3.50. Since we don't have 14 rooms in our house we offered her a matching program where we paid half of the cost of every gift. (for those who are wondering why it was $0.28 a room, the answer is to make tithing easy to pay without breaking up a quarter).

Additionally, I just discovered the Kaliset/Ducks fractals, and am really considering making another fractal viewer (they (the aforementioned fractals, not fractal viewers in general) are really really interesting if you are into that sort of thing).

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