Yo ho, yo ho, the frisky goat

This past week we recovered from our vacation and got our goats back.

Alison read that being pregnant is likely to make goats quieter, but Lala is as noisy as ever (if not noisier). The chickens were all scared of the snow until the goats came back and started frisking about in it. They are now cautiously pecking around a bit.

They all seem to be doing well despite the cold weather.

I have been working on my Moar Moai game as well as Roguelike and Dancing Robots over the past week. For those of you who missed the switch over, I talk a lot more about them in my other blog (which you can follow in google+ or email just like you can follow this one).

Yesterday and Saturday we set up the Christmas tree. The girls were really happy to play with the ornaments. Rea found a candy cane and shared it with Sara. They were both such a mess. I have no idea why anyone invented candy canes. They both loved it. Sara called it a candy bar, and was asking for candy bars the entire day.

We also had a family dinner that only the grandparents, the Strombergs, los Gutierrez, and our family attended. It was fun even if fewer people were there. 


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