Return from California

We got home from California at 3:00 am Sunday morning. We still made it to church, but we didn't make it before the opening prayer.

In California we had a fun relaxing time (though the girls were sick most of the time). Andrea was throwing up and Sara was congested). For those who don't already know: Alison is pregnant.

We went to Sea World a total of 3 times. It was very popular with Max and the girls. Sara's favorite thing was the penguins. She would sit and watch them swimming around and say to them "Hi Penguin!" I realize that I probably should have been taking pictures or things like that, but for some reason I didn't

Rea seemed to like the cetaceans the best, though the sea turtles were also pretty popular. The coolest part for me was the shark tunnel. They had a glass tunnel that ran through a shark tank, and it was cool to see the sharks swimming all around you. Alison liked the dolphin show the best (I have to admit, they did do some impressive tricks). During the show some guys would step on dolphin's faces and the dolphins would swim around so that the guys were just gliding around on the surface of the water. Also, they had trained whales as part of the show (they were pretty big).

We spent a lot of time on the beach, and also played a lot of games. Over all it was a pretty fun trip.

We played Moar Moai, I played some solo games of Roguelike, we played Resistance, Forbidden Island, and also a new game called Two Rooms and a Boom. My favorite games were the resistance games that we played on the night that we got Julie to play. We had enough people for the games to get pretty interesting, and everyone seemed to be enjoying theirselves.

Since then it has snowed a bunch, and I am signed up to clean the church for the next four days :).


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