A Yes! of Browns

This week we had trouble my friend. Right here -I say- trouble right here in Sandy City. Car trouble, that is. For some reason my blue car wouldn't start up on Tuesday, and in the evening I tried again to get it started, and the next day Scott came over and tried to help, but we just couldn't get it started. I called a tow truck and they towed it to a repair shop and the repairman started it right up.

He looked at everything that you would expect it to be (alternator, starter, battery, gas pump, electrical connections), but he couldn't find anything wrong with it. Since then it has run without a hitch, but I am worried about it not starting up in the future, so if anyone finds a good deal on a commuter car in the near future I would be interested in hearing about it.

I have been working on making robots dance in my website. It doesn't work yet, but it is in progress.

This week a German Shepard visited us.  We went outside during preschool/playgroup with Max and there was a dog!  It ran up and licked our faces, so we knew it was friendly.  We got it some water to drink and threw snowballs and sticks for it.  It really wanted to come into our house every time we opened the door, but we wouldn't let it.  It had a collar with licence and rabies vacc tags but no owner's name or phone number, so we played with it for a while and then went in the house for lunch.  It sat outside the door and whined a bit and then wandered off down the street.  We saw it again later in the afternoon, but by the time Mike came home it was gone, so we figure it found its way home.  It was a fun diversion.  Now Rea wants a pet German Shepard.

Sara has started talking to the baby in Mommy's tummy on her own.  We talk to the baby as a family and she has always joined in, but this week she started walking up to Alison and saying, "Hi, Baby!" with her mouth on Alison's tummy without any prompting.  It's very cute.  Rea is not loving any names but James or Roger for the new baby.  Sara doesn't seem to have an opinion.  Mike and Alison are looking at Bible names (the classic ones, not Jethro), but we have a long time to come to final decision.  For now, Baby's nickname is still Blup.  "Hi, Baby Blup!" everyone greeted him this morning.

We have been working on family history indexing recently (our ward got an assignment to do some indexing for the Italian government, which ends up being pretty interesting). They write everything in cursive and use different letter constructions than we do. This makes it very difficult at times

Sara likes to pretend that she got hurt a lot. She takes a random object and says 'hurt... bandaid' and puts the object on her. She just bandaged her eyes with doll clothes while this post was being written.

Yesterday made a cheese.  Hopefully it will turn out. The recipe I am following is Alison's favorite (derby). I like derby too, but not as much as parmesan.

For those who care about the recipe I use, I have posted it below.

4 Gal frozen raw goat milk
1/4 tsp MA4000 mesophilic culture
1 packet unknown mesophilic culture
3/8 tsp lipase powder
1/2 tsp double-strength liquid rennet
1/2 tsp calcium chloride solution
4 tbsp salt

The log of the make follows:
Milk overheated to 89 degrees before returning to 84 degrees and being inoculated. Cultured at 84 degrees for 45 minutes.
Rennet, calcium chloride, lipase added. Stirred gently.  Left for 30 minutes.
Cut curd into 1/2 inch cubes.  Raise to 94 degrees (2 degrees every 5 minutes), stirring every 3 minutes. Took about 35 minutes to reach desired temperature.
Stirred for 10 minutes maintaining temperature.
Curds transferred to draining board and covered with hot moist towel (to maintain temperature). Towel changed every so often with new warmer one, but the temperature still dropped from 94 to 89.
Curds cut into strips (2 inch thick) and flipped every 15 minutes for an hour.
Curds ripped into walnut sized pieces,  salted, stirred, and placed into press.
Pressed at 20 lbs for 15 minutes (curds had not knit very well... probably because of low temperature).
Flipped and pressed at 40 lbs for 2 hours.
The final press was be 65 lbs of pressure for 24 hours.

After that I plan on letting it dry a bit and then let it age for 9 months or so.

Today was Sara's first day at nursery. She went in without any trouble and when I came to pick her up she seemed very happy. Asking her how it was, she said "fun". She claimed to have had carmel, and she loved playing with the bubbles.

At lunch today we thought it would be fun to come up with names for groups of animals. We came up with such gems as:
A disaster of Hippopotamus
A prance of Horses
A disturbance of Politicians
A bundle of Rhinos

The entire family participated in the passtime.

Rea just told me that Manatee and Dugong can breathe underwater, and that they have six nostrils all over their face... I think that we need to do more teaching about marine biology.

Rea also made a cheese yesterday. She is very proud of it. It is our first take on a Mizithra. It is an easy cheese to make, and we put it in a baked pasta dish today.

Finally, here are some random pictures.

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