One human was harmed during the making of this cheese

I had a new idea: write a collection of fairy tales/fables in which I break one convention of fairy tales in each story. I think that it will be called 'Twenty Broken Fables'. I might actually write it as a nano novel this next November. The first step, however, is to come up with 20 conventions to break.

Speaking of conventions, I will be attending SaltCon again this year. I think that I will go without plans to present a game to the masses, however I will probably go with some prototype copies of my games to hand out in hopes of getting some blind playtesting.

This last week Sara has been recovering from her last sickness. It seems like she is sick all the time now. The doctor said that she probably just caught a few different sicknesses in a row, and that she looked fine, so no course of action was recommended. We got her cranberry juice in case it was a urinary tract infection (and because I love cranberry juice).

On Friday Mom and Dad watched the girls so that we could go to the ward temple night. It was fun to go to the temple, though Alison felt sick during the last half of the session so we didn't really get to hang around afterward.

On Saturday the Poulsons watched the girls so that we could watch Much Ado About Nothing at the pioneer theatre. We had read the play this week, so we knew what was going to happen, and remembered most of the gibes. The play still caught us both by surprise at times. The most humorous surprise was when Leonato was terribly inept at lying when they are trying to fool Benedick (the actor played the part in an exaggeratedly stilted fashion).

On Sunday I opened a new cheese. It had been ageing for 11.5 months, and was supposed to be a grating cheese (like Romano), but the high fat content in the goat milk made it come out as an exceedingly strong table cheese. It is possible that if it had not been waxed it would have ended up a better grating cheese. Either way, it is a pretty good table cheese. I sliced my hand open getting cut up, though.

We have been doing more painting in the kitchen recently. Alison says that it looks much better than it used to. We also got Sheila and Scott's old stove (which fits the new color scheme infinitely better than our old one did). Just last night I put back on all of the cabinet doors and drawer faces. Perhaps we will be finished soon, however we still have a few major things to do left (putting up the splash guard, touch up painting, buying four more door pulls for the small cabinets, building a counter counter (That was a joke, the first counter was intended to mean opposing and the second to mean a flat horizontal surface to lay things on. The counter counter is the counter that is on the opposite side of the room from the original counter)).

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