So Much Peanut Butter!

On Monday afternoon, Sara begged Alison for some peanut butter.  We give them each a straight spoonful of peanut butter at bedtime to help their stomachs stay full through the night, so this wasn't too unusual.  Alison thought that would be OK and got out the peanut butter and two spoons so she could give one to each girl.  She scooped Sara a spoonful and handed it to her, and then Rea called her to come outside to see the daffodils.  Alison stepped out to admire the flowers.  When she got back in, Sara had pushed a chair over and climbed up.  She had a spoon in each hand and peanut butter all over her face.  When she heard the door open, she looked over with a big smile, stretched her arms out wide, and said, "So much peanut butter!"  So cute!

The girls have really been enjoying our new kitchen recently. Every so often they ask me to take pictures of them standing in front of the stove. I am not so sure as to why they like this, but it is fun.

The girls are both so happy to have a stove that has a light inside of it that every time we try to cook something they want to have the light on so that they can see the thing that is being cooked.

I have even started turning the light on when I place dough in the oven to rise to remind us that the dough is in there.
Sara also decided earlier this week to name one of her dolls Max. She would carry it around and call it Max all the time. She forgot about it over the weekend, so it is not still Max, but she did like Max the doll for a few days.

Early this last week we were both very tired. We laid down on the bed and let the girls eat carrots. Soon the girls started bringing us carrots (which was very nice since they both like carrots a lot.) We began to eat the carrots, but they kept bringing more and more of them faster than we could swallow the ones that we had. Soon we began to be whelmed over. It was so memorable that we declared it the first annual Carrot Festival.

Friday and Saturday I attended Salt-Con. I participated in the Math Trade and got a lot of new games. I also got some board gaming in, and made some connections in the board gaming industry (I am now on first name basis with the owner of a board game company as well as many members of the Board Game Designers Guild of Utah and an important employee of another board game company.)

It was exhausting (lest you forgot I am not extroverted), but it was fun. Perhaps there is a chance of me getting a game published after all.

Last night I had a dream that we had a whole lot of chickens, and they were inundating us with massive quantities of eggs. When I woke, I heard a noise that I thought was a chicken.  Then I heard it again, and I thought, "It must be some weird bird in the backyard."  But I had to go to an early-morning meeting, so I left.  A little later Alison got up and thought, "Our chickens are sure making a strange sound."  She went out to feed the goats and chickens, and there were two tiny, cute baby goats!  They are adorable, if anyone wants to come over and look at them.  Both boys, we think, and they have very different personalities already; the grey one is much louder and braver than the brownish one.  We've got them both posted for sale on KSL to save us the work of butchering them, although Rea protested, "No!  We're supposed to eat them!"  We're trying to send Clarabelle to a stud for a month so we can keep them that long and get them bigger if we're going to get meat from them, and also to give us a chance to sell them, which would be much easier.

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