Reading a book

Rea has been calling people silly names this week "Sara is a bumble bee!" and Sara always responds with "not a (whatever)! big girl!" Sara has been going through that "language explosion" that they all hit at some time. It is fun to hear her using full sentences. She seems to speak better to Rea than either of the adults.

We had a game night on Friday (which wasn't a very effective game night, but ended up being a decently fun get together). By the time that we started playing games the kids were already fussy and needed to go to bed, so we didn't really get that much time at all.

No one seemed to understand my book cooking game at the get together, but Sunday night we went to Craig's birthday and played a game with Katie and Josh (and they both understood it). I am really relieved because I was not really expecting the game to be a difficult game to understand.

Rea is starting to read some books by her self. They are the simplest books that are available. "Piglet is scared of a tree, Piglet is scared of a log... etc", but she is reading them. We are currently bribing her by buying her balloons, stickers, and suckers after she reads enough books, but until she started being bribed she didn't really want to read by herself.

She really enjoyed her first week of her new preschool. She couldn't tell you what she learned, but she still enjoys it.

That is about it for this week. I have been mostly preparing to attend SaltCon this year.


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