Scoundrels, Sunscreen, Start a Fire

This week was Spring Break for the schools in our area, so our Sunbeam Preschool had a week off.  We went on a field trip to Wheeler Farm instead on Tuesday.  Rea loved it.  Sara liked the animals but wouldn't get too close, except for the goats and the rabbits.  That was a nice surprise; she'd been acting scared of the goats at our house for a while, so it's good she liked them at the farm.  And she loved looking in the bunny hutch.  Then we played on the playground after lunch.  This time we wore sunscreen and only Mommy got sunburned.  That's progress!  We've been spending lots of time outside now that the weather's so nice, and trying not to get sunburned.  I need a new daily routine to get everything done.

Mike is changing the theme of the game Creative Accounting, after too many people saying they didn't want to play it because they were scared of math (the game involves no math).  So the game play will be exactly the same, but the names of the cards and actions will change.  The theme we're working with now is Space Scoundrels!  All players are crewmembers on a space freighter.  Some of them are trying to use the freighter to smuggle illegal things to make money, but at least one person is a mole who is trying to catch them in wrongdoing.  Mike is remaking all the cards to match this new theme.  It should be more popular than accountants; people like space pirates (like Han Solo).

We did a countdown to Easter this week and talked about one picture from the Gospel Art Book from the last week of Christ's life at dinner each night.  So Monday we talked about Palm Sunday, Tuesday the cleansing of the temple, and Wednesday was the Last Supper.  (I'm going to do a separate post about all our Easter traditions this year.)  So we had a little taste of a Passover meal, with the basic symbolic elements: lamb meat, bitter herbs, green herbs, haroseth (apples and nuts in grape juice and cinnamon), grape juice (instead of wine), and unleaven bread.  We talked about the symbolism and the girls loved the lamb meat.  It was fun.

Speaking of Easter preparation, we went on Easter Walks almost every day this week.  It's become Sara's rallying cry: "Go on Easter Walk!"  I think it's mostly just to get us outside, but she does love to be in the stroller.  I kicked Rea out of it before Sara was born, but I'm not having any luck getting Sara out.  I don't know what we'll do when the baby comes.

Friday afternoon Mike called me and told me he'd been offered some free play tickets by a coworker who'd bought them and then couldn't go because of sickness.  I had about three hours to find a babysitter so we could go.  Thanks to tender mercies, I succeeded, and we got to see "The Drowsy Chaperone" at the Scera Theater in Orem.  It was very funny and they did an excellent job.  We enjoyed it a lot and have been quoting it ever since.

Saturday morning we went down to the Browns' for an Easter Egg hunt.  (Friday we were at the Poulsons' and dyed Easter Eggs, so we got good Easter time with both sides of the family.)  The girls had a great time.  The egg hunt was scheduled for exactly the same time as our stake Emergency Preparedness Fair, but we got back in time for the last fifteen minutes, so I ran around and grabbed all the handouts from all the booths, and we discussed them that afternoon.  Maybe after we pay off our house the first thing we should do is a seismic retrofit: make it a little less likely that it'll kill us all in an earthquake.  We also need to fix up our 72 hour kits.

Here's a picture of the Easter Egg Hunt, and one of the cute Easter pajamas Grandma Sheila gave the girls.  Sara couldn't wear hers to bed, because she strips off all her clothes at night unless we put her in a sleeper zipped up the back, but we got a cute picture.  Also, at the Egg Hunt Aunt Sheila gave us a beard hat to match Daddy's for Baby Timothy.  The girls loved it, so we have pictures of Daddy wearing his and the girls trying on the baby's.  They had lots of fun.

Saturday afternoon Mike put some water in the kids' water table to let the goats drink from it.  Rea got very excited and put on a swimsuit and played in it.  This is her new favorite: swimsuits!  I foresee a lot of playing in the wading pool in the near future.  I need more sunscreen.

Today while we were all hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's bed, we started to get up for breakfast, but Daddy said, "Wait!  We have to do the most important thing in the morning: kisses!"  Rea immediately added, "And brush your teeth!"  I found this absolutely hilarious because we are not so good about morning tooth brushing.  They never miss at night, but we occasionally forget in the morning.  At least Rea knows it's important!

Sara went to nursery today!  That makes two weeks in a row.  Hopefully this is the start of a new phase and we won't have to deal with her tantrums anymore.

This evening the girls were playing in the bathtub while I typed this post.  They were being pretty silly.  At one point Rea announced, "Sara's gonna start a fire!"  We couldn't figure out how she was planning to do that in the bathtub while playing with the faucet!

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