The Brown Family Singers

Sara has begun telling stories. She always begins with: "One day", and then she tells about the protagonist ("a cat" etc.) then she tells what it did ("Flew up into the air" etc.), and finally she ends by laughing.

She also likes to sing and dance along with her own song, and tries to write notes to "Uncle Sheila" (which probably means aunt Sheila, but may mean uncle Scott).

All of our new baby goats have been sold and taken away. We had the last male goat until Monday. It was such a trouble maker. On Saturday we had him disbudded (the purchaser paid us to do it). It cost $15, and consisted of the disbudder person holding a really hot iron to the goats head until the horns would no longer grow. It was really gross. I wouldn't recommend that anyone do it themselves. Let a pro do it.

On last Thursday we went over to Amy's and Dave's house and I got art for Dancing Robots. There is still one card's artwork that needs to be completed, but the artwork that is done is very good. Here is a gallery for those who are interested.

On Friday we had a date night game night with some of our ward members. We played Bohnanza (the bean game) as well as Creative Accounting. The games were both very well received, and they wanted to play more Creative Accounting (even though it was time to go home). It was fun.

At the same time the girls stayed the night at grandma Julie and grandpa Craig's house. They had such a fun time that we are not really worried about them being sad when the baby comes and they have to spend the night at their grandparents house. Rea just said that she wants to sleep at grandma Sheila's house next time, and Max's house after that, but we will probably not plan any more sleep overs till the birth of our next child, and we plan to accept whoever can pick them up first when that time comes.

Since we no longer have baby goats, we have been milking Clarabel. She has a much smaller udder than Lala, so it is much harder. We are trying to get used to it, but we are also getting about a half gallon of goat milk a day, so even if we spill some we still have enough. If anyone wants to barter anything for goat milk (we can't legally sell it) we are interested in hearing your offer.

Rea and Sara have also been singing together at times. Perhaps we will start up a musical group.


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